Jungle Queen

frank-frazetta-no-title.jpg (90 KB)

Untitled pic by Frank Frazetta. One of my favorites.

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    I found Franzetta on the covers of Creepy, and Eerie magazines, along with Richard Corbin, opening new worlds of imagination… where I found myself pleasantly exhausted, stumbling out of the arctic wench’s pleasure dome after a draining tryst, only to find my transport dragon absconded, in its place the cryptic note “I’ve ridden better, but not many”, referring to me or my dragon, I never knew.


    he painted that for the cover of savage pellucidar by edgar rice burroughs


    Reminds me of the Maxx. Maybe I’ll go watch those low-quality episodes I downloaded last year…


    Frazetta, manliest artist ever, he knows how to draw his hot wimmens

    Alec Dalek

    The MAXX mother fucker! It’s like Australia but with humans. G’say mate, here’s my boobies!

    Richard Crowe

    What can I say about a man who painted the soul of each picture portrayed!