Top Gun Aviators (don’t work)

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These Top Gun Aviator Sunglasses are reminiscent of the mirrored sunglasses worn by Maverick and Goose in the 1986 classic. When Maverick had on his shades, he could get any girl he wanted. Put these on and the results should be the same for you.

The club is called La Vela, the dance is called the Egyptian, the results were sleeping alone awaking hungover with a kick-ass pair of shades on.

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    Perhaps his failure is due to the fact he looks more like Iceman than Maverick.


    Perhaps his failure was due to the fact that he’s a total fag.

    You die now. Plz?


    p.s. that “lady” he’s dancing with in the last pic has hands that scream “i have a 10-inch cock.”


    I wear aviators because I’m a pilot. Why do you wear them?


    Emulate a gay man and you will not get women. Try agian.


    @dub_1211: Are you okay?

    If you need someone to talk to, I’ll listen…

    Luke Magnifico

    Pretty shitty looking club.


    who wears “sun”glasses at night? we can totally separate the men from the boys.


    @ColombianMonkey: Corey Hart does.


    Dublin, I now christen thee an M[c]S badass for this awesome post


    Man, you people are a bunch of lousy amateurs. Except natedog.

    This is Dublin! Dublin rules.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    It takes balls to wear sunglasses to a bar.

    It takes balls to dance like an Egyptian.

    It takes more balls to post a series of pictures of the night on the internet.

    Did no one notice he even included the ad for the glasses at the top?

    Best post ever.


    Take me home or lose me forever.


    @ Preventerwind51: Whats your MOS? 7599? 7580?

    @ Dublin0: I have done the same thing but here’s a little trick that works to get ze wiemenz…join the military then wear them. ;D


    @sutenvulf: Good advice, although you’re too late. Dublin joined the military already.

    Like I said, Dublin is a pro.


    I just realized it should be:
    “Take me to bed or lose me forever.”
    Continue on…


    @LukeV1-5: He is/was enlisted. Can’t afford to go to the Hollywood standard clubs you see in Miami Vice or CSI Miami. Unless you the coke dealer.


    @SumoSnipe: really? those clubs are that expensive? given the fact i never pay to enter any club i wouldn’t know the standard price.


    @hufnmouth: ohhh now i notice what you mean lol. i think he poses too much lol.@Dublin0: dude what time was it when you took those pictures??


    What a coincidence. I love all of us too. Except for those of us that I hate.


    I love all those I dislike 😀 and love all who i love lol coolio!


    Yeah right, and you want to bomb your home country.



    Billy Manic

    Somehow you turned out awesome.


    They work if you don’t get caught looking like a douche. (4 pictures of looking like a douche suggest that you were DOING IT WRONG)


    @Dublin0: whats up with the halo ring in the first pic lolol


    @ColombianMonkey: The only high end club that looked like those you see in the movies, I got into because I had an ‘MP’ badge on my arm. (Officers were getting rowdy. I loved that part.) They were charging $15 for a shot of jack and a beer. In 1993.