hint… hint….

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    holy shit she loves doggy style


    Man had a small penis. That’s the only explanation for why his hips never left her ass.


    I hope they didn’t leave the condom on the beach.


    @Paul_Is_Drunk: I see you’ve been to Torrance Beach, CA. LOL- AKA dirty mexican beach!


    @Moe: The only thing worse than being stung by a jelly fish is the slow, dawning realization that it didn’t sting you… because it was a dirty condom.

    Immediate dash to the water screaming like a girl.


    She could have been riding..


    Man, the torso of this girl looks like it’s on a totally different scale than the rest of her body. Or maybe she just has small breasts, I guess.


    @Kishi: This is what most women look like without Photoshop or porn careers.

    @oh2ohz: In my experience, reverse cowgirl exposes a lot of the female butt to sunlight, not to mention the hand grip would practically require the man to be sitting up.

    She could have been lying on top of him, but that would not explain the tan lines.

    I’m the mother fucking CSI of sex positions.


    @Paul_Is_Drunk: it’s very sad to know that the percentage of women in the sexy industry is sooooo big. where art i find a clean girl? a girl who’s never been exposed to the modern civilization.
    @Paul_Is_Drunk:(David Caruso voice) *looks around the scene, put shades on, well then looks like we have a sex scene. Walks away*




    Thread over! Co-op win from ColombianMonkey with the assist from MacheteJak


    I like this ad. Sexy time!


    @Puulaahi: i like this sexy. Ad time!


    I like this time. Sexy ad!


    @Paul_Is_Drunk: Holy shit, are you telling me that most of the women I know have porn careers? Wait, actually, I know some of them do own copies of Photoshop, so that explains part of it.

    Really, though, just compare the size of her shoulders and arms to the size of her hips and thighs. That just looks off to me.


    looking at it she looks shopped.. welcome to the wonderful world of advertising, where their justification is “People dont want to see normal people in advertisement”…

    They have a point 😛 The draw back is the unrealistic expectations…

    Still… they have a point… Nom nom nom


    : That’s where I live! Ha ha and it totally is dirty mexican beach!


    How long does it take to get a tan like that?


    I say you and I experiment.


    @nyokki: A month to two months in a tropical place, laying out and eating fatty foods. That is how.


    @nyokki: with tanning oil you could get in about 3 hours from 12:00AM ~ 4:00PM hours in the beach but ofcourse with constant moderation. if you don’t moderate you could burn yours skin really bad. personal experience with sun burn.


    @Sticky: Absolutely. If I;m reading puul and monkey right; it’s gonna be a looooooong sexy time. 😉


    doesn’t have to be long lol. choose your season choose your day and it can be done in a matter of couple of hours. or maximum 3 days.