Look at your people

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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Two things:
    1) The fact the people can sit around looking at picture of cats on the internet all day is proof that US really isn’t that bad.
    2) Let’s say I had a fool proof plan to take down the United States government by the end of next week. What then? Most of these countries like Egypt and Libya have some sort of organized opposition already in place, but the US is pretty efficient at stomping out any opposition before it can get organized.

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    We’re comparing apples and oranges here. Egypt’s situation is completely different from ours.

    For one we elected our jackasses, and we can vote our jackasses out of office. We bear complete responsibility for the people we put in office.

    Tearing down the Government we created is just overkill. Vote the bastards out.

    Easy said than done though.


    The trick is finding not bastards to replace them with.


    Like I said, easier said than done.


    To be fair, my home is hella sweet.
    So yea, look at where i’m at and look at where you are.

    AMERICA: “At least we aren’t your fucked-up Moonscape!”


    Hint: Internet works in other countries too.

    So moving is an option if your ultimate goal is cat pictures.


    I hate this.


    Tell it to a seahorse.



    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Ya they’re real brave in Egypt. Lets be brave like them. Oh wait there’s no reason to protest in America and if you think you’re in any way oppressed its time to turn off the computer and walk out your front fucking door.


    I don’t think this is saying we should get up and revolt. I think it’s saying we have to do more then hope for change. We have to show the politicians that we really want change, we do that by voting them out when they don’t do what we want.
    Say what you will about the Tea Party, but politicians are bending over backwards, opposing their own party agendas, and being very outspoken because the Tea Party is outspoken and proved that if you don’t follow through they will boot you.


    That is my impression as well.


    Yeah, the Tea Party can vote out people for not doing what they want, but as a whole the Tea Party is just doing the bidding of OTHER politicians. The Tea Party isn’t changing anything, they’re just reinforcing what’s always been. The best thing about the Tea Party is how much it backfired on the Republicans. It honestly worked so good it’s working against them. The Republicans really only intended to use the Tea Party to get elected. They never really intended to follow through with what they promised. Unfortunately for them the Tea Party still has some legs, and… Read more »


    Can’t believe I have to be the one to point out that Tiki is in the first frame sitting beside a black lady.

    Luke Magnifico

    I endorse this, because the U.S. military would kill off the people who think like this.

    What is with you fuckers and your inflated sense of entitlement, ffs.