Eeryting I know of Opera comes from…

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Graph Jam

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    Billy Manic

    I’d imagine there’d be an “opera” option. Not that it applies to me anyway.


    i thought it said Oprah at first. i was like, um.






    And surprisingly, this is not a bad thing. Cartoons used to not be only fun, but intelligent when it came to being stitched together, what better background music than the mother & father of music itself?

    It’s a shame most people tend to forget and deem it as “old people’s boring music”, yet they had fun when they grew up with it.


    I never thought it was old people’s boring music. I’m very fond of it, always was. For some reason, most young people in my area respect classical music. Been to many operas too. And yeah, as great as these cartoons are, they ruined it a little for me. I can’t listen to certain pieces without having Bugs Bunny run through my head. Or having Tom chase Jerry etc. I used to have nightmares where, no matter what my dream was about, or how pleasant it was, I would always see Bugs Bunny dance in front of my dream movie screen.… Read more »


    Kill da wabbit! Kill da waaaabit!



    I am not altogether ignorant to the connection between Opera and Bugs Bunny Cartoons, but I first interpreted “Opera” to refer to the web browser, which failed to make any sense in connection with Bugs Bunny Cartoons. O.o


    Or the Barber of Seville? XD


    WTF? They have Bugs Bunny in Austria? What no Hans Hase??

    Spear and magic helmet.

    Elmer Fudd was badass.


    “Kill the wabbit… kill the wabbit…”

    tiki god

    I’m confused, since when did cartoons really talk about browsers?


    @tiki god: tiki is something wrong with the submissions i made? looks like from my perspective all the good ones are removed




    @dieAntagonista: I’ve actually wondered about this. In Austin, the local music scene tends to have roots in country and blues(though there is a little of everything). Most everyone who’s even slightly musical who grows up here tends to develop an appreciation for Willie Nelson and Stevie Ray Vaughn. So I’ve wondered about kids and the “local music scene” in Vienna. Would it be an accurate assumption then that, as Vienna was at the heart of classical/formal music, they still hold it as their music. Of course kids have their music, but (with all the concert halls and world-class performances) it’s… Read more »


    @AustinDav: Is that so. That’s very surprising to be honest. I have never lived anywhere else, so I thought the kids in my area were just a little different or something. And yes you hit the nail on the head. Yeah the majority does listen to popular music also, but you will find that most of them probably own one or two records by at least one famous composer from the romantic era. It’s funny you should mention Mozart. He’s probably the number one composer I have discovered in friends’ collections. After all, Mozart wasn’t only a genius, but a… Read more »



    It happens to all of us, the only things we can do :

    Keep submitting it until you get it approved because he is in the opposite state of what he was when he rejected it


    Ignore it and submit a batch of crappy pics (you’ll be amazed how many of those make it through)



    And he laughed like a braying donkey.


    At I thought it meant the browser. Then I realized I was being an idiot.