Captain Jack Harkness

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Capt. Jack from Torchwood ( Doctor Who spinoff ). Awesome show, check it out sometime.


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    Is there going to be a real season this year, or are they just going to do a few movies like with Dr. Who?


    His character tries waaaay too hard to be gay, but other than that, mmm. Awesome.

    Joeseph Goebbels

    Its over, they’re not making any more. 2 series is all you’re getting.


    However, there will be a new Doctor Who special tomorrow :D!

    Joeseph Goebbels

    😀 I forgot about that!


    Mr. “Face of Boe” himself


    There will be a series of 5 one hour episodes, airing on consecutive days sometime in June. The BBC has yet to announce the airdate(s).

    Nemo Intermundorum


    Jack’s supposed to be omnisexual, screwing anything that moves and some things that don’t. That being a pretty unusual orientation in real life as it is, and the show pushing the LGTB agenda like a crack dealer, all the character’s sexual preferences are overdone, and Jack’s especially.

    Still a damn decent show. Not Doctor Who, but not the worst way you can spend a Sat evening either.


    Captain Jack is the mutts nuts.

    Being gay… fits the character and the actor. Don’t see a problem with that.

    BTW… anyone else see John Barrowman in the recent redo of The Producers? That, for me, was the best part of the movie.


    Everyone does know that John Barrowman, the actor who plays Captain Jack, is 100% gay, right?


    I know. It’s not being gay/omnisexual or whatever that’s the problem, it’s just that the writing puts way too much emphasis on that fact. It’s kind of cheesy.


    Cheesy? Doctor Who is certified cheddar. Always has been.

    If you can accept that the baddest villain in the universe couldn’t manage stairs until some 28 years after their first appearance, you should be able to accept some gayness from Captain Jack.


    ohmybob: What special? BBC or Scifi?


    ka1kjz: TYTY
    Bitorrent here I come.


    ack: Who does he play in that?

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