Actual Gang Name: GAYLORDS

Gaylords-Postcard.jpg (91 KB)

Gaylord-Toughs.jpg (81 KB)

Gaylords-Attire.jpg (42 KB)

Gaylord-Godfather.jpg (72 KB)

And here is their website:

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    They must LOVE to fight.


    Wow that’s pretty gay.

    Oh wait..


    The rael HOM-BOYZ.


    I fear their gayness,indeed.


    is it normal for a gang to have a website? This is honestly the first gang website I have ever seen.


    Oh. My. God. I went to their book site and saw this: A Former Latino Gang Member From The Bronx Had This to Say: “What up Gaylord. I just wanted to congradulate u on your book. It reminded me alot of my bloody life but in a different perspection..i noticed you used the word sp_c very loosely in the book, but I truly can relate i grew up hating the irish and italians in my bronx neighborhood as well.we both lived very similar life styles except im from nyc,,the south bronx..its funny to see it from your point of view.… Read more »



    …neither are what I expected.


    I like them. I read the stuff on their website. It’s pretentious and kinda funny but I like it. It’s like out of a book or something.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    They were a white supremacy gang in Chicago?

    Way to hang on to that turf there, gaylord. 😛 How are the suburbs treating you?


    Trash people.


    Ummm… yeah…


    From the looks of the picture, it’s pretty old and they were probably feared by most. The name means nothing really.


    These images were all stolen from a copyrighted website. That said, the club was formed in the fifties as a softball team, morphed into the largest majority-White club, or gang, in the city, possibly in the country, with at one time over 5000 members citywide. The ALmighty Gaylords were never White Supremacist, though individual members may have been. This should be amply evidenced by the fact that they were among the founding members of the People Alliance. Gotta love the comments about “trash people” and so forth. Also the “how are the suburbs”. So easy to condemn and ridicule, so… Read more »


    This is the funniest thing I’ve ever fucking read in my life.


    I hate it when I agree w/ you.


    And this is where the pictures were stolen from, eh, Leonardo?

    casemods UID# 667

    Back when tattoos were a distinct characteristic of low-lifes.