Taxi Grave Yard

Taxi Grave Yard

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    1. Marrock says:

      Raiding hungarian photo sites again, tiki?

    2. I’ve been to Hungary so many times, not once have I seen a yellow taxi.

      They have the police cruising around a lot though. It was like, every 20 minutes you could hear some siren going off. Which is funny, because I have never seen any criminals or anything dramatic.
      Or actually no wait, on the last day I was there, I went to the ATM and got almost robbed and raped. But besides that. No biggie.

    3. ian356094 says:

      Well, duh!

      You know why you didn’t see any taxis?

      There all rounded up in that photo!

    4. Puulaahi says:

      Taxi! Can I get a taxi here!

      @dieAntagonista: Hungary sounds like a dangerous place. Did you go all Matrix bitch on the robber/rapist?

    5. @Puulaahi:

      Nah Hungary is fine, unless you’re a woman and/ or rich.

      Of course I went all Matrix bitch on them. That’s how all encounters with criminals I have end. In my head.

      No actually I just started asking them questions in Romanian so they left. Hungarians are not very fond of Romanians. And since I obviously had money, they thought at first I’m not Romanian. HA! Taking advantage of people’s prejudices since 1989.

    6. Wow this just might be the most racist/ offensive comment I have ever made. Aah being mean makes me feel all fuzzy.

    7. clawoo says:

      @dieAntagonista: I lol’d. Then again, I am Romanian.

    8. MonkeyHitman says:

      @dieAntagonista: so, your telling me in my monitor that since you were the age of 0 you started/knew how to communicate/talk properly?

    9. MonkeyHitman says:

      since nobody said it i will. GTA2 CARMASH blow up 😀

    10. @Immanuel:

      I was a fucking brilliant kid. My first book came out in 1992. “Maya – The First Steps and What My Enemy with the Unibrow Really Represents”

      Also, I have myself on tape when I was 2 or so, where I torture a bird and then afterwards I watch The Simpsons and the News. IN ENGLISH.
      I just need to figure out how to get it on the computer.

    11. @nobody knows:

      Who? What makes you say that. Oh because of the pictures of me as a toddler typing on a typing machine? Yeah it is in fact kinda hardcore.


      Well I’d give you a copy, but my book got banned in 48 countries and I still have a few open lawsuits.

    12. MonkeyHitman says:

      @dieAntagonista: yea right, you saying to a country with drugs legalized. think of a better excuse lol

    13. MonkeyHitman says:

      @nobody knows: if you had the royalty of it being hand dilivered, sure why not lol

    14. @Immanuel:

      What. You mean Austria? Dude, whatever may be legal or not legal in this country, it has nothing to do with how conservative these fuckers are. For example, gay marriage has been legalised in the entire country, yet after several surveys at schools and universities, they found out that over %80 of all homosexuals haven’t come out and are afraid to do so.
      Funny how it works, isn’t it.

      And Sean is so awesome. My favourite track of his of all time is the one with Blue Cantrell.

      @nobody knows:

      If you beg. Maybe.

    15. nyoki says:

      @nobody knows: But she fucks so good I’m on top of it…

    16. nyoki says:

      @nobody knows: “I’m” on top of it…not you. Sorry, you lose.

    17. SumoSnipe says:

      @dieAntagonista: well at least something got fuzzy.
      @nyokki: pics dammit. stop teasing us.

    18. MonkeyHitman says:

      @dieAntagonista: i meant Holland. and i don’t see it funny really, because no matter what happens mostly in school it’s always the bandwagon effect & that is just 1 point. the law can be there but there will still be people who feel they should beat there best friend if they found out he’s gay & whatnot. Sean Paul “was” so awesome. back then when he was the shit. he almost got king of dancehall but then he fucked up. apparently he’s back and i hope he don’t come up with some wack tunes and actually go like he did back in the days when he was in everyone’s mouth.

    19. Holy shit. I just got the hottest American wife on this site to hit on me.

      Yeah that’s right. I got a thing for American wives. Ok now I’m feeling all fuzzy.


      “Isn’t it funny” is just a saying. You know exactly how I feel about discrimination, what’s your problem?
      And yeah thanks for the lesson in psychology but I’m sure I know how these things work.

      And why is Sean not awesome anymore. Something in him created exceptional music. I have never even heard his newer stuff, I don’t need to. He’s still the same. There are only very few geniuses who create good things, become famous, and continue to create things of the same quality. So what.

    20. MonkeyHitman says:

      @dieAntagonista: Hmm i might have missed out on the just saying, well it’s good to know now and i have no problems 0_o. To what i know SP was good then he got you know like contracted and made some crappy songs that changed the whole definition of him. Then he disappears for a while, now he returns. Hopefully he make some good tracks again like old school days. It’s all imo.

    21. Phyreblade says:

      Wow… I’d have a field day in that… ermm… field…

    22. nyoki says:

      Crazy Bitch Ignore the video. I couldn’t find a decent video.

    23. MonkeyHitman says:

      @nyokki: my god nyokki what kind of things you are doing on the net lol 😛

    24. nyoki says:

      @Immanuel: I’m not tellin’. ;<)

      It’s funny though. When I get an email to a thread I’ve commented on and it shows the next comment posted, but not mine, I see

      Author: Immanuel
      @nyokki: my god nyokki what kind of things you are doing on the net lol 😛

      and I think “What? What’d I say this time?”.

    25. MonkeyHitman says:

      @nyokki: in relation to the video.

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