Cyclops vs Ord

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    I fucking win!!!!!!!!

    Luke Magnifico

    Pretty fuckin’ badass. I actually have a little respect for Cyclops now.

    Also: that’s one nice cleavage shot.


    stop this, or someone from fox will catch wind and theyll start making a cyclops movie


    I got bad news…


    Cyclops is a bitch..the only good thing he did besides bang Jean Grey and her clone was make Cable. Deadpool is a way cooler character to feature on this site.


    Too bad Fox is ruining him, too. And making him more like Cyclops.


    If those stills and toys and shit are really supposed to be deadpool I will fucking throw a little girl hissy fit and flip out.


    Aha, my favorite scene from Whedon’s Astonishing run.

    Actually, this isn’t Ord, but rather his boss and the ruler of Breakworld, Powerlord Kruun.

    If only it contained the previous page where Kruun, after discovering that he was deceived by the X-Men, asks the supposedly-powerless Cyclops if he had told him any other lies. Cyke’s answer is the scene depicted here.


    @Silverwolf: I’m happy someone else recognized that this was from the series Joss Whedon did, which was pretty amazing, in my opinion.

    I was just thinking about this, the other day and I chuckled at Wolverine’s deep, serious inner monologue, “I really like beer.”


    Umberto Ramos illustrating, if I’m not mistaken. Geek fact checkers? Yes, no?


    Cyclops couldn’t be nice forever. The murderous rage is coming out!

    I never understood why he couldn’t control his laser beam voluntarily. It’s not Jubilee or Gambit must constantly blow shit up with their hands.


    Well, I’ll say one thing for the ‘clops. He may have been a square, but he was a pretty bad ass square… I guess he couldn’t stay a square forever…


    @pantsoffdanceoff : yeah i freaked-the-fuck-out when i saw the toys and stills, but i did a little searching. i think the asshole with the single claw and eye blasts is weapon XI. i have faith that deadpool will be awesome with ryan reynolds at the helm.


    @Pubcrawler: Yeah I think you are right, Fox can’t be that retarded


    @Dyna-Mole: I never understood why he couldn’t control his laser beam voluntarily.

    Well, if you followed the X-Men as long as I have, you’d know that when aliens captured his family’s airplane (seriously), his father made him bail out with the only parachute while holding his younger brother. He struck his head, resulting in brain damage that later prevented him from controlling his mutant powers.


    @pantsoffdanceoff: you’re right. Speed 3 is coming soon.
    @NoOneInParticular: good thing that’s all he was prevented from controlling. although seeing him in a daiper would explain a lot.


    Whedon clearly wanted to bring back the powerful, competent Cyclops that existed in the early days. For a longtime, Cyke had been relegated to being the X-men’s hall monitor who told the badass loose cannons (Wolverine, Rogue, Wolverine, Gambit, Wolverine, Wolverine) that they had to sit back and follow the rules/plan/Professor’s wishes, so that they could ignore him and save the day. Kind of glad Whedon turned back the clock a little, although the movies clearly have had their impact.


    @Paul_Is_Drunk: I Think Cyke’s been a square since the beginning of time. He is, perhaps, the most “lawful good” X-Men of them all.

    He’s always been the “by the book” kind of guy. Xaviers errand boy as it were. He wasn’t at all incompetent though, I think he was just more of an Xavier “Yes man” who liked to follow the rules, than most of the others.


    @Paul_Is_Drunk: Watchutalkin bout, I always liked Iron Man. He was a jerk, sure, but that suit… One day I shall have a suit just like that…