Cyclops versus Everybody

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There\’s more, if you should have doubt.

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    “God found dead in space.”

    That actually explains a hell of a lot.


    Well, the last one is a composite (with really poorly done laser beam in panels four and five). Still, this does highlight the varied power level they give Cyclops’s powers. Of course different writers are also pretty varied in his tactical skill, leadership ability, likability, and interchangeable girlfriends.

    Of course, Wolverine and Batman are kind of the same.


    cyclops is a big dick


    About time we had some Cyclops love.

    My favorite of this bunch is the redout-followed-by-crater page from Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men run. That and the the conclusion of issue #23 are among my favorite Cyke moments ever.


    He’s still pretty lame, though.


    worst power EVAR…………


    I like him.


    There’s no doubt Cyclops would win a straight up fight, having such a powerful ranged weapon. The problem is that Wolverine has been trained in stealth assassin techniques by the finest in the business. If he REALLY wanted Scott dead, he’d sneak up on him. Cyclops would NEVER see it coming before he was already dead. For example, as you’ll read in nearly any story on ninjas, the most feared ninja technique is the “kill him in his sleep” jutsu. 😀


    @NoOneInParticular: I second that.



    @dieAntagonista: nuh uh your fate is sealed, you cannot change. once for cyclops your sticked with him.


    Is the second one some sort of Marvel/DC crossover?
    I’m not familiar with it…


    @Paul_Is_Drunk: Yeah, Claremont’s old work is solid gold, but after reading New Excalibur and New Exiles I kinda lost my boner for him… er, I mean, uh… Hey! Look! A shiny ruby quartz visor!

    Not a big fan of Morrison’s run. No particular reason, but it just didn’t sit well with me, despite it being responsible for Emma becoming a central character.

    Naturally, Ellis is doing a good job on Astonishing. The two Ghost Boxes issues were amazing. His short story featuring Scott as the last surviving X-Man… simply wonderful.


    @ColombianMonkey: Well I still like him. But Wolverine is better.

    Wolverinewolverinewolverine. He is the guy with the beard. He’s mine.


    @Paul_Is_Drunk: Well, sometimes he can level a mountain, and sometimes it’s just a strong blast ray that will take a tough, unarmored brawler like Wolverine and simply throw him back thirty feet. @NoOneInParticular: Again, that depends on what version of Wolverine we are dealing with. Sometimes Logan is a master survivalist/master commando/master samurai/have we mentioned the unbreakable katana he has despite his primary cool power are the unbreakable blades that shoot from his hands?… other times Wolvie is kind of a semi-feral berserker who might charge straight in screaming and could be coaxed into making serious strategic errors. Again it… Read more »




    Finally, some non-Wolverine X-Men-related post that praises someone else!

    The last frames of the first picture are pure gold.



    Ahahaha. I don’t think I’m a comic fan like most of you, but I definitely don’t hate Cyclops. But that explanation does seem… plausible.


    @WistfulD: I once went through a period where I read a lot of older X-Men comics- this was maybe five or ten years ago- and at the end of it, I came to the realization that the whole Summers family annoyed the hell out of me.

    Though I will say that I regained some respect for Cyclops during the Whedon run on Astonishing X-Men.


    @Kishi: Interesting. I saw him as a squad leader trying valiently to keep his team acting professional, but being hamstrung that the overall leader (Xavier) was such a charismatic and effectual leader that everyone looked to him for leadership an didn’t need cyke. Thus we had situations where Wolverine or Thunderbird (or Storm or Banshee or Colossus) would go off like a loose cannon and Cyclops would have to be the heavy and yell out something like, “come back here!”, or “stick to the plan!” and since we all know that going off like a loose cannon never screws things… Read more »

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    @WistfulD: Exactly. Cyclops is the hall-monitor of the X-Men.

    tiki god

    Here’s the card set from the comics it was really gimmicky, with fans voting on the fights, but entertaining enough.

    wolverine once threw him down a pit, and then dropped a rock on him or some shit, then went back to the x-men and boned jean grey. Anyways, Here’s a cover of cyclops vs wolverine, yay!


    Cyclops has ALWAYS been the straight-man of the group. Straight-men don’t get good parts. And before anyone makes a gay joke, read this: 😀 Anywho, I like Cyclops just fine. He’s a great leader. He just isn’t going to get the great parts that bad guys and characters like Wolverine do. I also just feel that unless he can goad Wolverine into a head-on attack, he’s dog meat. No offense, but his only ability beyond thinking is a straight force beam that shoots from his eyes. Logan has been training for decades longer than Scott’s been alive in every… Read more »


    I’m sooooooo indifferent to him


    Comics writers today think they’re being clever or edgy by turning powerful leader-types into dickish morons—e.g., Frank Miller’s hate boner for Superman. You find a Frank Miller fan, 2 to 1 odds they think Batman could beat Supes in a fight. Ditto the writers of X-Men, treating Wolverine like hot shit, when anyone with a bit of history knows that Cyclops is the man.

    …And should never have married Jean Grey.

    …And should never have dated Emma Frost after marrying Jean Grey.


    Gambit is the coolest X-Men character. Discussion over.

    tiki god

    fuck you, batman has always been able to take on superman. superman is a fucking tard compared to batman.




    OH come on, is Cyclops the new Hulk now?


    @NoOneInParticular: Wistful was given to Scott by Wolverine because hes the most upstanding uncorruptable man to be found who could actually keep Logan down long enough to use it. For those why dont know and care, Wistful is a magical demon possessed sword that is capable of permanently killing Wolverine. It also is Wolverine’s “Black Flash” when ever he is completely destroyed he has to fight the demon in his mind and defeat it or be dead for all time. As for why Scott, because the general consensus is that Professor X mind crushed that boy so hard that his… Read more »


    @rundinj: Um, sure, why not? wtf?


    I have the X-Factor issue which has that Walt Simonson panel of Cyke blasting someone into flying bones –but I totally forget who it was he was blasting.


    @tiki god: You know that the link you posted actually shows Batman getting owned by Supes, right? So what is it? Batman’s God because he gets his brains splattered?

    I’m a Batman fan, but no way he could EVER take on Superman.