Bail of hay?

HOLY WIRES.jpg (107 KB)

Or the worst server room ever? You decide.

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    good luck ever getting that straightened out.



    Snarky Parker

    My name is Confusion, and I approve this message.


    I imagine that thing would burst into flames once you turn it one due to resistance.


    Looks like Cat-5 cable, but I can’t be sure. Fiber-optic? Coaxial?


    Looks like the basement of any government agency in america.

    I cant wait until the sun has a super flair and all digital media on earth is erased. Remember the DTV transition… woops. Remember how we saved all your bank account balances on computers with no paper backups to save space and money?… woops. Remember how we saved your childs k-11 education data on a harddrive in our basement?… woops.

    Guess all you need to start from scratch.




    I used to work in the fiber optic division of a telecommunications parts manufacturer; this sure looks a lot like 12 strand fiber optic cable. Those short tight extensions have really got to mess up the signal.

    Mathias I 777

    Looks like cat 5 or cat5e.
    Whats killing me is the fact the cables are going not only left and right but up and down too, what could those cables possibly be doing?


    Also, somebody has no clue how solar flares work.

    And I now can’t get the image of the sun in trousers out of my head.


    there is no point in even trying to straighten that shit out.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    @numb7rs: I was about to say the same thing. Worst case scenario: some of the electronics would be fried (which happens occasionally all the time), but the records would still be intact. Any type of radiation burst strong enough to wipe out all hard drives in the world would also fry most of life on earth. Worrying about DMV records would be the least of your worries.


    @reboot: lol, I was just making wild conjectures. Im sure there is some phenomina that could generate enough EMP to take out at least the majority of earths data. IDK.

    What I do know is that my DVD’s on my shelf, as it was told to me, are set to reach their half life in 10 to 15 years, and I know how good we are about refreshing the backups… we arnt.

    But what would rock? solar flair takes out all digital media… and LEAVES A WORLD OF ZOMBIES!


    Time to roll in the hay!

    Luke Magnifico

    @camusapprentice: The force required to make a field that powerful would wipe us out completely. That is how physics works. You can’t get more energy out than goes in.


    Couldn’t all these cables wrapped around each other cause some sort of magnetic force that awakens the deep slumbering beast that will destroy us unless we sacrifice our virgins?


    @numb7rs: The sun has got his pants on, hip-hip-hip-(-hippity-hop-)hooray?


    @LukeV1-5: I yeild that you likely have a stronger knowledge of EMP than I. By man made means, I would agree that the point of detonation would have to be that strong. However, I do also understand that an EMP strong enough to take out a few square blocks can be made that does nothing more than a slight kinetic shake to the physical surroundings. Id guess there is room for the existence of an EMP that could originate from far enough away that the residual wave could jar us without vaporizing us, but be more fatal to electronics.


    @RSIxidor: Superman 3 comes to mind- getting pulled into the machine- sprayed with tomato sauce- terrified me as a kid.


    @Jimmed: HEY D:<


    @RSIxidor: I’m keeping mines until chutlu comes you go give yours away.

    Luke Magnifico

    @camusapprentice: No. There is not. Because for that residual wave to have a high enough energy to knock out every piece of electric gear on the globe, we would have to be within the initiating force’s zone of kasploding.

    Again, physics, and the manner in which it works.


    I… I… I just… I can’t… the… it’s so… I just can’t… I uh… *shoots self in the head*


    Pic should be retitled “Fail of Bay”…amirite?!?


    @camusapprentice: @LukeV1-5: Any EM pulse with a magnetic component powerful enough to scramble magnetic media would most likely have an electrical component strong enough to fry anything that conducts; cables, computers, us. This is assuming the source of said pulse didn’t destroy everything to begin with. An EMP device strong enough to knock out a small buildings worth of comms would probably be a little more powerful than a hand grenade, with todays technology, at least. Large solar flares are only able to take out power grids because of the vast area over which the field is applied, and the… Read more »


    I’d like to go in there and cut a few cables and see how they deal with it…


    so, the world of Dark Angel could never be? Bummer.


    Those are the tubes!?
    Oh and, Fake!


    LOL wow… Looks like bad network planning… they actually have cable management in place… but it’s overloaded… Amazing…


    This is the internet itself

    @maxcw: Holy sh*t!! I did work on this wall.!!!!. It was located in Lehman Brothers, 3 WFC and was lost because of 9/11 (they moved to Midtown because the building was damaged). It was a complete nightmare and it was my job to decommission it. I’m 6’2 and the cable was so thick that it went to my elbow. You couldn’t see any ports and pulling cables was scary as hell cause if you pulled the wrong port it could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.. Thanks for posting I’ve been looking for a picture for years.. !

    Wait.. .!! This is my picture.. I sent it out to the group when I was working there.. Where did this come from??


    dire need of zip ties