sexy comic women

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i know they\’re comics, but they\’re still hot

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    tiki god


    btw, I have a whole gallery of this shit over on comic-images looks like a smidge over 2,000 images, yay




    I always had a crush on Rogue growing up. From the cartoon. That’s a little weird isn’t it?


    jesus XD


    You implying there’s something wrong with thinking women in comics are hot? I mean, the models you see in magazines and such today are so airbrushed and retouched they may as well just be comics, but no one seems to think it’s wrong to think they’re hot…


    Who are the gay girls?



    Pic is titled Lois VS Mary Jane


    I really should look at properties before I ask questions.

    Now, somebody cosporn this scene, immediately!


    Cartoon / Comic book girls are hot for the most part, they have perfect curves, amazing racks, and skimpy outfits.

    I am betting they’re based on fictional images because I can’t find any girls with those features around here.

    Besides prostitutes that is. But they only have the outfits, the rest is seriously lacking.


    My brother’s drawing.


    Cmon, everyone wishes they knew Rogue IRL…I know I do. I also wish I knew Gambit IRL, but that’s another topic entirely.

    fracked again

    At least Outlaw admits that she has falsies.


    @Puulaahi: No it’s not. I did too.

    @Dreth: Annoyingly, they are not entirely fictional body types. I have actually known a few women who looked like these. Sadly, the vast majority of them were not great people.

    Though there was one who was a gem, she’s one of the few “I wonder if”s, I have in my past… She liked me, but she had a boyfriend, and I didn’t really want to be *that* guy. No regrets though, It would have been are high risk, no-win, no matter how you slice it…


    @Phyreblade: I don’t like women like that either. But if you compare the ratio of superheroines to that of women everywhere, you’d think with so many fit heroines you’d find 10 times as many busty perfectly-shaped sexy non-whoreish girls just prancing about.


    @Dreth: Well, yes, but they *are* comic books… I don’t think they are meant to represent real people…

    Dennis Ryan Robedizo

    i think it represents something or someone that cannot represent them selves…