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Great Scottish film, or greatest Scottish film?

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    Ewan McGregor is so handsome.

    I don’t know about greatest Scottish film though. Then again, I haven’t seen that many Scottish films.


    i <3’d it


    A little trivia behind this movie, The guy who played Tommy (Kevin McKidd) wasn’t in any of the posters or ads for the movie, because they did all of the publicity work after the movie was done. McKidd is now one Grey’s Anatomy and he was the hero in ‘Dog Soldiers’ which was after ‘Transpotting’.


    Weird ass movie, but I liked it…mostly. One of these days I’ll have to examine my fascination w/ drugs. alcohol, death, mayhem and all the dark things…or not.


    the scene with the toilet was hilarious and the baby crawling creeped me out, but i still have the soundtrack


    clicksip: He was also Lucius Vorenus in the HBO series Rome, my all time favorite television show. Kevin McKidd is also in talks to play Thor, which would tie in to the Iron Man movies.


    True story. Funny story. My roommate had just finished reading the book, and wanted to watch the film. She bought a pizza from one of those experimental pizza places down the street, and it was about 3 cloves garlic plus pineapple per slice. So we eat it, and I decide to head to Fred Meyers to pick up some handcuffs. Another roommate bought some for $5, and said they were pretty durable. Well, I always enjoy using handcuffs, and I go to the toy section of Fred Meyers to pick ’em up. I also try to slide by a silent… Read more »


    soooooo great!!


    Greatest by default. Name four others that could even compete. Heck, name four others, period.


    Naked Lunch


    Not as good, but still decent.


    Gregory’s Girl
    Local Hero
    Restless Natives
    Wicker Man
    Whisky Galore
    Last King of Scotland

    And I liked Brigadoon. But not Braveheart.


    my favorite part is where he shits himself in that chick’s bed



    Whoa! You’re so amazing. Naked Lunch is magnificent. And so is Videodrome.


    Wicker Man is absolutely dope also.


    There’s that crazy evil zombie dad from 28 weeks later…

    Now even more deadly with a mustache.


    nyokki: dieAntagonista:
    I want to like Naked Lunch.
    However after watching it twice I have no fucking clue what the point is.



    Are you serious? I’d recommend the book, though you need an open mind for that one as well. I really didn’t think you were that kind of a person, but do you really need the plot spoon fed to you, like in most so called films, these days.
    You’re supposed to think for yourself, interpret, assume, imagine. It’s really not that hard.

    teezy weezy

    Shit film, jock or not.


    Great film. Best opening monologue ever.

    Luke Magnifico

    Porno? Yes? No?


    great film…i loved the part where the guy shits in bed then tries to hide the sheets but ends up splattering everyone in shit.


    Love this movie. Sick Boy is my man.

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