Twilight Crowbar

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    IRL, hes some ego cockfag


    Nimbo: Lol.


    IRL doses MURDER dance after punching you while you try to eat.


    i’ll take a dose of MURDER dance


    I like the add to join the casting of Twilight just below it.


    IRL, she gets sick of him and he sucks her blood and leaves the corpse at Starbucks.


    can we submit pics just to fuck with the Ads?


    Book burners that massacred the harry potter franchise? Did I totally miss some major news event? A group of pissed of people managed to get the author of some kiddie books produce really bad kiddie books? What does this mean for the world? The start of the burger wars?


    GASP! In the corner! The Demonic Abyssal Pink Puppy of DOOM! Kill it before it devours our souls and testosterone!


    Nothing massacred the Harry Potter franchise. What are you talking about?


    This is what happens when Mormons write books.

    tragerstreit is an awesome comic and you should read it anyway, but it’s really the CONTEXT of this image that’s hilarious.


    Vampires don’t need Crowbars? Crowbars are a real mans weapon, and anyone who feels like disputing this can talk to my good friend Gordon.


    I actually went and saw this Friday with my girl and it is AWFUL. Forget about the chick flickiness, the movie is just terrible all the way around. Not to mention most of the things I love about vampires are thrown out the window in the movie. The book has to be better but I’m not going to bother. Is True Blood better? I’ve never seen it either but it has to be better.

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