Do NOT give this homeless woman your money

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This one is for outofocus. Found at:

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    Poor crazy homeless lady. To be that disturbed something really really bad had to have happened to her.


    i think she was fucked by this guy:

    then had a mental meltdown b/c of how awesome it was


    Living in NYC does this sort of thing to you fairly quickly.


    @Marrock: Really? I managed 3 years w/out succumbing to this sort of thing.


    IU dont understand, wouldnt she have to take those signs around with her EVERYWHERE? thatd suuuckkk


    …reverse psychology?


    @nyokki: But you got out. Now look at you. Are you sure no drain bramage? After all you hang out here….


    Good for her… choosing to survive on her own, in her own way and not succumbing to the temptation to beg and drain others’ resources that they worked for. Who knows? Maybe she’s got a nice cot at a local shelter and knows where to go for food. Homeless people in any major metropolitan area have access to everything they need more often than not, *IF* they know where to look.


    What train was this? i know the 6 does not have a bum with signs like that….weird but awesome..that’s y i love to live here for these sort of situations but also want to get out because of those situations.


    she could be one of those insanely rich people who just loose it and choose to live on the streets.. used to know a guy who did that .. lived in the storage shed next to where a friends band practiced… he had a car and computers and all sorts of stuff and his job was to be the night guard at the place and he stood on a corner during the day.. he always bought us beer and smoked with us


    Like a lot of homeless people, she probably has a mental illness that predates her homelessness. It appears that she has some sort of germ phobia, or something that doesn’t allow her to touch things other peole have touched w/out some sort of pain-in-the-ass ritual. There was guy that hung around Madison and 97th that wore garbage bags over his clothes and ziplocs on his feet and hands. He would not touch things that weren’t his directly. He would get freaky if you tried to help, especially if you tried to give him something.