The Vegan Food Pyramid

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    i gotta go take a splattery poo



    Haha what? You have no idea what you’re talking about.

    I could also say, brb…

    I gotta go have a heart attack. Or get a worm pulled out of my brain because of all that nasty pork I had for lunch.


    I really do need to drink more water.



    Really, when you get the vegan diet balanced, the poo splatters no more than any others.


    I only eat Kosher pork. No worms if it’s Kosher.


    There is a disturbing lack of meat in that pyramid. How can you have your pudding if you don’t eat your meat?


    @Alte: Lmao.

    This is what vegans believe?


    Fuck you pansies.


    @nyokki If I were Vegan it’s what I’d believe.


    Vegan diets contain enough fiber that that isn’t a problem. TMI?


    Lifes too short eat what you like in moderation ofc, if you like deep fryed chicken then eat that, if you like kurd then eat that, meh.


    Vegetarians don’t really live longer, it only feels like it. 😀


    Look, eating meat is natural. And if we weren’t meant to eat meat, our digestive systems wouldn’t be designed to do so. We’re omnivores.
    Still, be a Vegan if you want. Fine. Be a carnivore if you want. Fine. Don’t push morality on one side or the other.
    And don’t spread misinformation on the pro-Vegan side ( @dieAntagonista: Worms? What the fuck? You actually believe that shit? ). Or the anti-Vegan side ( @natedog: )


    @Tyger42: You mean I actually believe that shit they showed on the NEWS? Yes sir, I do. Look here: And please show me where anyone said that eating meat isn’t natural. Running naked through the jungle is natural also, do you do that? No you sit in front of a plastic cube, you are far from doing or being natural. Nobody was pushing anything on anyone. And again, show me where anyone spread misinformation. I don’t care what you eat or what you don’t eat, but you know about what I do care? About the environment. And by approving… Read more »


    @dieAntagonista: Please show me where I said YOU did say that eating meat wasn’t natural. It was a comment in general. And morality pushing from Vegans is something I hear all the time. ( To be fair, though, macho bullshit from non-veggies is pretty common as well. Though it’s often become a knee-jerk response after being guilt tripped about eating meat ) As for the news story, I can find plenty of bad things that people have had happen from eating contaminated veggie stuff, too. In fact, there’s a pretty big story in the news RIGHT NOW about that sort… Read more »


    If anyone thinks fiber is what gives poo “structure”, try eating absolutely NO proteins whatsoever for a week.


    @Tyger42: Haha. What. I didn’t say you said that *I* said anything like that. I said, where did anyone say anything like that. This is silly. And uh, I didn’t say that meat and only meat can harm you? You asked me if I believed the thing with the worms, and well I showed you why. That’s all. If pork is good for anyone is debatable. There are many arguments, but I’m not trying to tell you why you shouldn’t eat pork. And are you honestly telling me that vegetables are bad? Please, just shut up. You lost all credibility… Read more »


    And yeah I know you said that eating vegetables in general isn’t bad, but alone the fact that you brought that up is ridiculous. What’s the point of mentioning that? ‘Shit happens’? Guess what, we know how to prevent certain shit.


    @dieAntagonista: The point of mentioning it? What was the point of you mentioning brain worms from pork? My point was given in my post: Just because you can find stories of bad things happening to people from eating certain types of food doesn’t mean that type of food is bad.

    Gary Generic

    I went organic vegetarian for one month and dropped my cholesterol sixty points.
    Vegan is a little too much for me, although I prefer some vegan food to the “real” thing (like marshmallows. I love vegan marshmallows).


    @Tyger42: Actually, our digestive system is ‘designed’ for eating fruit (and insects), animals ‘designed’ for eating meat have a much diffrent system, as do thouse ‘designed’ for eating .

    Jenny Greenteeth

    Wait… pasta? But that contains egg.
    Can you get vegan pasta?
    I bet that tastes weird. I’d give it a try, though.


    @Jenny Greenteeth: Not all pasta, I most of the dried pasta has no eggs.


    Ah, yes… this is what the menu in hell looks like, except that there’s no potatoes and the water is replaced with hydrochloric acid.


    When there is a problem w/ vegetables making people sick it is almost always because of cross-contamination that comes from uncooked meat in contact w/ veggies that will not be cooked. Also when the contamination happens at the farm level, it’s usually because of cross contamination w/ manure and/or the by-product of cattle farms.


    @Tyger42:Hey, i’m not anti-vegan! people can eat what the hell they want. i dont give a fuck what anyone eats.

    i was just trying to be funny.


    splattery poo is serious business


    I’m confused by this menu….

    Where does cock fit in?

    Vegans love the cock.


    , Vegans love the cock? My bet would be oral sex is not an option. Every sperm is sacred after all.



    You’re getting fundamentalist theists mixed up with people who care about something else more than themselves.Wiseguy.


    That’s only true for Catholics. Didn’t you watch “The Meaning of Life” douchebag?


    That came out wrong.

    1.) Fuck you.

    2.) Fundamentalist theists would have a problem with that, not vegans. And you know it.

    3.) Massive fail.


    Apparent lack of a sense of funny here. Sometimes you all take yourselves way too fucking serious. And yeah, I watched “The Meaning of Life”. You think I tried to take credit for that line?

    “Fuck me?” I think not.

    I think those worms are churning around in the wrong heads.


    Well, considering your response, you take yourself too serious as well.

    Contradictory – look it up Alter.


    @Alte: Touché.


    Screw a goat.


    I forgot I posted in this thread. In the end its turned out to be pretty hilarious.

    Splattery poo is pretty funny.