katy perry’s armpit

katy perry's armpit

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    like a baby’s bottom


    There’s a smudge on my screen right where her armpit was when I scrolled down, so it appeared to be considerably unlike a “baby’s bottom.”


    Looks shooped to me.


    Why hello there, pretty lady.


    Definitely fake.

    Plastic pits are gross!


    I would make love to those armpits.


    I’d like to see a little hair on there. commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Womans_armpit.JPG


    Heh. The banner ad below this on the RSS feed showed a portion of the same photo. 😀


    I wanna eat poutine out of that pit


    Fucking stupid homophobic bitch she is. Her looks barely make up for her Valley Girl whine and terrible music. Yeah, I care that much. Fuck Katy Perry.

    In answer to the banner ad this was undoubtedly inspired from, fuck no.


    ieattime20: I second that. Fuck her.

    Also, inb4 shitstorm claiming that she, who is the child of two pastors, doesn’t really have anything against gays. Yeah she only thinks it’s funny to spread that negative mentality.



    I liked her for half a second or so. I actually like the song that they didn’t play on the radio (You’re so gay) mainly because of the music video where a barbie doll sees a ken doll take down its pants just to find that he has no genitalia (rofl). I remember her saying she didn’t have anything about gays, something like being okay with sexual experiments or some shit like that. Whatever.


    @...RSIxidor: Well look, she doesn’t write her own songs, and she has even less to do with the videos for them. I can’t know if she’s really homophobic, but if she is, then fuck her. If she isn’t, then she said yes to the song because it was all calculated to get more attention because she could be homophobic – again, fuck her. And then, she comes out with I kissed a Girl only to admit that she has never even kissed a girl. It was like a really lame try, look here! I have nothing against gays! Though I… Read more »


    dieAntagonista: I Kissed A Girl is so tongue and cheek it’s ridiculous. I count it among her homophobic streak. Just listen to how she whines it out and says basically, “I’m only doing it because I’m drunk, because why not try it? It’s my choice to do it.” Sound familiar?

    That stupid bitch.

    Luke Magnifico

    I dislike her intensely.

    And I don’t even think she’s that hot

    Please don’t destroy me.


    She’s annoying. I’d still hit it furiously though.


    Seconded. She’s fairly attractive, but no talent and her radio time is disproportionate to good bands.


    She is the poor man’s Zooey. I heard that fucking ‘I Kissed a Girl” 10 times in one night, making me hate my local fair. And I am a man who loves a good fair.


    I enjoy her because she looks like a slightly uglier version of someone I volunteered with.


    and shes still attractive.


    What is with the hairless bodies? Shave it all off, how is a man supposed to know a womans true scent?


    she wants to lick her armpit, but still remain sexy.

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