Tatu – Non See Through Shirt Edition

Tatu - Non See Through Shirt Edition

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    Not that I was particularily ga-ga over these preformers, part of their allure was the rawness in their photos; but this has been airbrushed to a Playboy bunny/Barbie-bot level…
    this photo gets 2 thumbs down.


    And who are they?


    I fucking love Tatu. It must be because I’m gay. But I think that they have one of the worst management and publicist teams for their US leg. They seem to be running Russia at the moment.


    In context…Russian pop music duo.


    Mons pubis anyone? I’m sure it rates a nom or two;)


    I’ll take the one on the left over the right.


    I doubt that you would say this if you had seen their last music video.

    They were big in Europe, and were expected to win the Eurovision song contest in 2003 – which they did not.

    They are a pop act. Not the best, but not the worst. Tons better than the Cheeky Girls, for what that is worth.


    yes please…

    I think originally the one on the left was supposed to do backup vocals for Rammestien’s Moskau, but was changed last minute.


    I wasn’t aware they owned any non-see through clothing…

    Actually this is probably the most clothed I’ve ever seen them and that includes when they were being interviewed on some late night show (Letterman maybe?).


    They’re decent looking Russian chicks who make out on/off stage all the time, and that’s the ONLY reason they got any popularity here in the states. Their voices are like Valentin’s mistress in GoldenEye.


    back in the day when i was like 14 or something they were definitely hotter

    is this because i grew up or did they withered


    “Tons better than the Cheeky Girls”

    Yes, but then having your genitalia covered in honey and then shoved into a nest of fire ants is better than the Cheeky Girls…so that’s not saying much.


    does the one on the right (Tu?) always look very very slightly like Kirsten Dunst?

    Nemo Intermundorum

    They are Russia’s Jessica Simpson – except the fake-lesbian version thereof.


    a lot cuter girls do a lot more lesbian stuff than them for a lot less money.


    The one on the right reminds me of Sara Gilbert. (Darlene from Roseanne)


    Whoa, a no-nipples version?