AirForce Web Posting Response Assessment V.2

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LOL @ \’ragers\’

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    Ragers? Oh hey they’re talking about me.


    @dieAntagonista: You don’t know the definition of raging child.

    I called the number and the voicemail said “airforce public affairs agency”


    @casemods: Stop calling me child. ONLY CAIO IS ALLOWED TO CALL ME CHILD.

    I have a job. And I go to school. You’re more of a child than I.

    And you wanna tell me what rage is? BRING IT MOTHERFUCKER.


    @dieAntagonista: See, nothing. Nothing at all. I’m not stuck hearing your voice or seeing you tea bag my corpse. It’s just text. That’s all. As the guy on super smash brothers said “FAILURE”


    @casemods: Ah see, like many wise men have said, the mistake is not with me, it’s with you.
    Obviously you lack proper imagination, because I’ve clearly slapped you across the face numerous times.

    My hand hurts already, and your cheeks are as red as a monkey’s butt. I can smell your frustration or what just may be a really cheap perfume. Either way it’s satisfying to me so you do whatever makes you feel like your balls are bigger than they really are.


    @dieAntagonista: Sorry, I’m not into that gay RPG/roleplaying stuff.

    I prefer real life.


    @casemods: Hey you’re the one playing games not me. It’s not RPG, I was trying to stimulate your grey brain but apparently only too much sun can do that.

    If you prefer real life then how about getting a job and moving out of your parents’ house for a change.


    @dieAntagonista: I said real life, not mission impossible


    Can we fight about the content of the post instead?


    I smell fake.

    First of all, the email address would be [base or us], NOT Gmail.

    Second, the terminology is off, unless they changed it since I got out in 2004. (doubtful)


    @AbNo: I called the number and it’s a voicemail box of metro or something similar. So it’s probably fake.


    Way to go the extra mile, Case.

    That reminds me, why wouldn’t that has a DSN number, instead of a full phone number, anyway….


    TL:DR nate….

    I think it’s real. Gmail is free, functional email and having a metro phone with unlimited everything for $40 a month would be very cost effective.

    They are just a 9-5 public affairs whatever…and that’s probably why they have a cell phone, because they need to be mobile.



    “Gmail is free,”

    And an email account on a DoD server costs just as much as Gmail.

    “metro phone with unlimited everything for $40 a month would be very cost effective.”

    You can add cell phones to this.