cats are prophets and avatars of higher powers

MOTICATE.jpg (127 KB)

cats are prophets and avatars of higher powers
they are the guardians, key holders, and gatekeepers of the spirit realm
and the truths and experiences of existence that yet wait beyond my ken

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    what a silly load of crap. and wtf does my ken mean?

    tiki god

    are you being serious?


    next you’ll say you know what a knol is, lol


    Haha, silly kitty! Go back to making me laugh with your horrible grammar and your ironic pictures.


    My cat meows at his reflection in the bathroom mirror. I would be terrified if he has any eternal or spiritual responisbility and would like to file a complaint.


    My cat is the guardian of the microwave.


    @tiki god: No i’m not being serious. I know what it means.


    What’s that, Cleo? The higher powers have prophesied that I will give you a treat? Even though you had one five minutes ago?


    My cat walked across my keyboard, used spellcheck, and typed the word ‘terrier.’ I dont know whether to be shocked that my cat can use spellcheck, or just LOL at the irony of it.


    As cool as cats are, this fails for its lame attempt at motivational posterism.


    @natedog: jeeez, I KNOW! I was trying to be, I dunno, I was playing along and laughing at myself. I’m thanking you again for enshrining my asshattery


    this picture reminds me a lot of Robert A. Heinlein. He had a very high respect for cats and wrote quite a few stories where a cat played at least a minor role and a huge part in some, i.e. ‘the cat who walked through walls’.. my favorite author by the way 🙂


    …And yet, allz dey wantz is cheezburger.


    @natedog: That’s interesting. I’ve only had two types of cat dreams.

    When I was small my first reoccurring nightmare were of these cats with wings that were attacking people. When they scratched you, you turned into one.

    Last month I had a tsunami dream. My cats were babies again and I had them in a box. They kept falling out of the box. I was trying to protect my son and keep the cats safe. It was rather annoying.


    @natedog: wait, are you telling me to re-read it or are you saying that you are laughing because you re-read it?