Death Star 2 rant

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    I Though the Sun Crusher was pretty cool.

    Luke Magnifico

    The Death Star is a mean drunk.

    tiki god


    that’s just not true through 🙁 Lucas Arts is very particular about the extended universe, and considers the vast majority of the books to be very canon indeed

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    tiki god: You must be joking. I started typing a rant about how even the most significant E.U. novels (Splinter of the Minds Eye, Zahn trilogy, Han Solo adventures) were egregiously contradicted in subsequent movies. But what’s the point of the novels being canon when the movies themselves contradict each other? There is no self-consistency, there is no canon, there is no universe. The story that I wrote when I was eight about the Ninja Turtles and Ghostbusters meeting Luke Skywalker was just as canon as anything written by George Lucas.


    reboot: “The Ninja Turtles and Ghostbusters meeting Luke Skywalker”

    …go on.


    @...reboot: That’s about right. I read a lot of the novels back in the day (before the prequels) with the idea that they were cool, I could use them (in my mind) to expand the universe, but that they probably wouldn’t stay canon. Surprise, I was right. The new films contradict everything else in so many ways, that I just consciously make the decision to for the prequels to be non-canon in my mind. Kinda like the Matrix and their sequels. The only problem is, is that George Lucas insists on pushing the prequels into anything Star Wars, even that… Read more »

    tiki god

    @...reboot: Eh, Splinter of the mind’s eye and the ‘adventures’ books are part of the small number that are definitely not canon. Spinter was the very first EU book published EVER, and that was before the second and third movies were released. It’s still a good read, but definitely contradicts shit that happens later down the road. And the Han Solo/Lando adventure books, while also a good read…not EU canon. The couple of thrawn series though, they were good, and I don’t recall very much being contradictory in them. I don’t really know of many books that dealt with the… Read more »


    I am about as big a SW geek as there is and i have to say, I like to think in my mind that the books are canon, the movies are fan fare. If anyone else read the books of the movies, you’d see how they changed things to keep them in line with most the other books.

    Either way, my favorite star wars book is Traitor from the NJO. It is one of the darkest (i mean that in the literature sense, not like the force) in all of the SW stuff.


    Star Wars, like many other stories/shows/whatevers (like Star Trek), has different levels of canon. The primary canon consists of the movies. Anything not in the movies is not primary canon. Secondary canon consists of the novelizations of the movies. Tertiary canon consists of the EU novels.

    When there is a conflict in lower canon, the latest material is considered to have priority. So in primary canon, anything not in the movies is ignored, but in tertiary canon, anything in the movies that contradicts a book is ignored.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    @...d3×73r: You have good point. Who really care about what canon and what’s not? George Lucas sure doesn’t. LucasArts doesn’t. They know that they can get away with anything (although that might be changing with Clone Wars). But the E.U authors do, because if it wasn’t for the Star Wars logo on the cover, they wouldn’t sell any books. Zahn, ADF and several others were established, respected sf writers before they started whoring out to the Star Wars license. But pandering to fanboys is what pays the bills and if they aren’t faithful to whats considered canon, those same fanboys… Read more »


    Ya know, I really can’t blame him…