Mirror’s Edge – Faith

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Good game. Pretty prettypretypurtypurtypurtygoood.

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    tiki god

    meh. the demo was terrible, so I skipped the game. The logic that they were using in the demo was confusing to me 🙁 The basic technology was good, but if you’re playing a character that can’t fight, why have the player run toward the guys with guns? and why have the jump target’s indicators only show up when you’re about 5 feet away from it? I didn’t realize that the stupid helicoptor was my jump target until I just gave up on the game and started running around doing nothing due to frustration and boredom. I tried going the… Read more »

    bright green

    Shit game is shit.


    Hate asia.


    @...tiki god: I’m not convinced you actually played the demo… or were lucid when you did. The logic, is that Faith, the Runner in the game, probably weighs 90 lbs. Would you stand off with a swat officer knowing you have 0 weight to back up your blows? All that aside, there is a fairly involved combat engine, and several moves you can use to either knock out or disarm an opponent. It ain’t a brawler game, but thats exactly the point. The character is a runner. By trade and title, so…? she runs. Hell I’d run. People who hate… Read more »

    tiki god

    @...MrDooves: Did you even read my comment? My complaint was that there was entirely too much fighting in just the demo. For a running game, I ran into no less then 5 confrontations in the 10 minute demo, and then at the end of it, they had you run towards the helicoptor with the machine guns blaring. That to me says that they had a conflict on what kind of game they wanted to make, so I realized that the game would be pure frustration with little pay off. The idea of the game is great, and I’ll be happy… Read more »


    I thought Yahtzee summed it up pretty well in his review


    And why is it that people find it necessary to accuse other people of sucking at a video game when that person doesn’t like it? Isn’t it entirely possible that people are good at the video game you like, but they still just don’t enjoy it?


    @...tiki god: Sorry tiki, i didn’t take your meaning correctly. Reason being, I never played the demo. I’ve played through the whole game, and combat doesn’t come about too often. Though I could have done with less, the more frustrating parts of the game were the combat sequences. I still really enjoy it as a whole. I guess they should have picked a better chunk for the demo. @...FlyingMantisShrimp: Yes, possible, but i’ve have come across a ton of would be gamers that will quit a game that proves difficult to them, and opt to blame the game itself for… Read more »


    I agree, it was a really well made game, just perhaps the implementation had a few shortcomings.
    If Dice can sell their engine and start churning out 1st person platforming in a bunch of different contexts? That will be a huge step for gaming.

    Alec Dalek

    Gunface01: If they can’t bother to get the Demo right, how can I expect the game to be any better? I’m a veteran gamer and I had exactly the same problem Tiki described. And it’s true the game seems like they couldn’t decide which kind of game to make.

    But I can see how someone that only plays PS3 games would think this is the best game ever. I’ll wait ’til it’s in the $9.99 bin.


    Wow, all you guys suck. This was one of the best games of 2008. I actually stop playing Resistance 2, LBP, and Motorstorm 2 so I could focus more on this game.


    The concept of this game was good, but it got pointless after a while; and if you’re going to make a game characterized by running and jumping, how about allowing players to do some of that without all the stops and starts to figure things out? A lot of the missions involved stopping to figure out where I was supposed to go, what I was supposed to do, and that just turned it into 1st-person Tomb Raider. More straightforward gameplay would make it much better—an A for effort, a C+ for execution.


    I love it. Played through it twice so far, second time completing the achievement “Test of Faith”, i.e. non-lethal run-through. As I see it, best game of ’08.


    There are exactly two people with guns in the demo that you actually have to interact with. Two. The rest you are supposed to run away from. There is even a pop-up tip that tells you to run away from them, and another tip that tells you that you need to disarm/disable the other two. I had a few friends who got really confused by the demo, and I pointed out to them that you have all the clues you need given to you to know what to do. They played through again and paid attention, and did fine. Holding… Read more »


    I got this game for my roommate for Christmas and I think it’s great so far. Fun game play and very challenging.

    Luke Magnifico

    MrDooves: Oh, I see

    You’re saying you’re a self-righteous elitist ass. I get you, I get you.

    I do not like this game. I was expecting something new and exciting, because the concept is fairly new and fairly exciting.

    But NO.

    The way I see it, this is Assassin’s Creed warmed up, a few new moves, alot less assassination.

    I am not amused by its inability to live up to hype.

    Nor am I amused by the fact that you people have been taken in by said hype.


    I played and beat this game all day yesterday. Greatest game on the 360 so far. The platforming (freerunning?) dynamics are spot on. I just wish there were less enemies with big guns and a free run mode.


    Odd, I don’t see any correlation between my opinion about a popular (Yet apparently controversial) game, and being Self righteous or elitist.
    You just splayed out your throbbing insecurities for the whole room.
    Too bad I stayed away too long to enjoy it.
    We ‘elitists’ can be quite busy at times.

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