Lili Taylor

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My brother and I disagree about whether or not she’s attractive, so we decided to let you MCS readers decide.

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    She looks a bit shy on that picture, that good be the reason one of you doesn’t like her. Think about it. What sort of girls do you prefer, the intelligent, thinking, introvert, or the outgoing, “stupid blonde bombshell” type of girl? She looks mysterious, maybe that scares on of you? Taste in girl are different like everything else. She looks ok, but could need a little “fix”, do her hair and get her some more “open” clothes.


    Give some beer, drugs, lots of dugs and maybe…


    Here’s the gallery

    I don’t find her irresistible, but I wouldn’t throw her out of bed either.

    @Shanghai – what sex are you you?

    I’ve often found that women will find someone unbelievably attractive that I might only take a second look at. Its weird. For instance my GF will say some girls beautiful, and I’ll say she’s alright. I’ll say some chick is hot, and she immediately calls her a skank (the second part could usually just be jealousy, but you get the idea).

    I think she looks better with this hair

    But it still doesn’t raise the flagpole.

    Gary Generic

    She’s not internet-hot, no. Like, tweens aren’t fapping to her GIS, I’m sure. But she is very attractive, and she’s also both smart AND funny. I could definitely be happy with her by my side as a wife, my team mate against the world, and that makes her way hotter to me than vapid clap-traps like Angelina and Halle.


    I find her extremely unattractive.


    I would have sex with her. I wouldn’t use a condom or pull out, but I wouldn’t talk to her again after that.


    I don’t find her that attractive.

    @flyingcat88: So you’re one of those “stereotypes are real, because I’ve never actual got to know people” types? My girlfriend is very outgoing, attractive, is working on her doctorate, and insisted on only books for Christmas. Oh, and she’s blonde.


    Hot. No doubt.


    Not the “norm” but definately very attractive/hot but then again normal is boring.


    @Paul_Is_Drunk: no no, of course not. But when men describe their dream girls is often “one or the other” it seems.


    She is attractive but not hollywood level attractive. If I were at a Christmas party for work and was introduced to her as one of my coworkers wives, I’d say he had a pretty wife. She’s not however selling CDs based on the picture of herself on the front.

    : “I would have sex with her. I wouldn’t use a condom or pull out” ? You’d rather risk a pregnancy or std with a girl you’re not all that into?


    no. not really. i dont see it.




    seeing her sing “joe LIES when he criiiiiies” in Say Anything was when i thought she was the most attractive. but that was 1989ish.


    I’ve seen her in High Fidelity, Pecker, Ransom and Rudy.

    She is no goddess by no means but has a nice smile.


    That is a horrible picture of her too.


    She looks like a regular person to me… cute and normal. *shrug*


    She was hot enough in Mystic Pizza…unfortunately for her that was Julia Roberts’ breakout film.


    After reading these comments I want to give a big humming hug to flyingcat. And I say to her “Sister, with love, you worry too much about voices in cyberspace, which may or may not even exist. I’ve been readin’ you, and I love you.”

    I think Ms Taylor here is fantastic. She is beautiful and I want to share a bottle or two of wine with her and hear her deepest thoughts. I would also love to feel her embrace and listen to her heartbeat in the warmth of passion.





    She’s cute. I like like her eyes. And I’d take an intelligent, thinking introvert any day over an effusive Blonde. Of course I’m partial to brunettes, so my opinion may be biased.


    funny equals hot. I like her sense of humour.