Batgirl: Order of the Hatchet

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Batgirl, Barbara Gordon, is indoctrinated into the Order of the Hatchet, an ancient order of knighthood for women, founded in Catalonia Spain in 1149 by Raymond Berenger, count of Barcelona, to honor the women who fought for the defence of the town of Tortosa against a Moor attack. Within a generation the order was assumed to have died out. But throughout history they have been watching. The criminals of Gotham will soon learn the secret—when the Hatchet strikes.

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    That’s not Barbara Gordon.


    That is a bat suit that I don’t mind nipples on….


    Epic. Fail.

    Following the editorial retirement of the character’s Batgirl persona in 1988, Alan Moore’s graphic novel Batman: The Killing Joke depicts the Joker shooting Gordon through the spinal cord in her civilian identity and leaving her a paraplegic. Although Gordon would no longer resume her role as Batgirl in subsequent stories, editor Kim Yale and writer John Ostrander soon established the character as an information broker code-named Oracle, providing intelligence and computer hacking services to assist other superheroes. The character first appeared as Oracle in Suicide Squad #23 (1989).


    That’s Huntress when she took over the Batgirl mantle during the “No Man’s Land” storyline, prior to Cassandra Cain stepping in. I don’t know what the fuck that “Order of the Hatchet” bullshit is, but it has nothing to do with this picture.


    I concur.


    So basically it’s nun batman?

    Getting tired of “female version of superhero” that we apparently need not only one of in every comic.