Grill Bees

Grill Bees

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    Free Honey!! 😀


    Small pictures are small.


    Gouki4u: and made completely out of FAIL


    Big version:
    Honeycombs like that make me writhe with disgust and send a shiver down my spine. It’s something to do with the holes in it. Same with lotus seed pods and the like.


    nice and big, just how i like my pix.


    ohmybob: Gets bumped to a “No hotlinking” page. Try putting ’em on a real image hosting site that’s not run by nazis? :p


    Ah, crap. Sorry, I’m not the one that uploaded it. Try that.


    ohmybob: Holy shit. That’s amazing and almost kinda scary. I would have never dared to do what he did. I would have called some bee expert guy to solve the problem for sure. I mean shit.


    @...dieAntagonista: Man, me either. Actually, curiosity would’ve gotten the better of me and I’d have tried looking under the cover, would’ve run away screaming, and THEN called some bee expert guy. If I didn’t get stung to death first. Probably could’ve saved some of the bees if they’d called somebody, too–there was a tree by the hospital down the road where I live that was found to have a pretty big hive in it, and they had to take the tree down either for construction or safety reasons. Some company came and smoked the hive into a container of some… Read more »


    dieAntagonista: Took the words right out of my mouth.


    It is a shame that this guy did not call in a bee expert to at least save the queen.

    The honey bee population is being decimated by genetically enhanced corn. Tobacco genes are inserted into the corn to act as a natural pesticide; unfortunately the enhancement chemically affects honey bees and they get confused, cannot find there way home, and die.

    It has been postulated that humans life will end within 5 years of the honey bee population dieing off.


    WAT!? You don’t BUGBOMB a beehive! The HEATHEN!! Ruined all the honey!!!

    ohmybob: I’m not really a big fan of lotus seed pods either, but
    that is actually a very beautiful hive. I love this particular variety of hive, it’s organic and yet so mechanically perfect.

    That and they make me think of waffles… 😀

    Bees aren’t that bad. A little smoke, and they all mellow out… and then it’s honey time… lol

    For Wasps, on the other hand, I say



    I totally agree. “Organic and yet so mechanically perfect” – as much as I feel impressed by exactly that, it’s what got me so scared. I know they’re only insects, but creatures who can create something like that, I wouldn’t dare to piss them off. As silly as this sounds.

    What you say? I know I’m a wimp.


    dieAntagonista: True, you don’t want to anger them, but you also needn’t fear them. Treat them with respect, and they will usually do the same for you. In fact they’ll even let you have some of their honey every once in a while. 🙂

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