Drugs are like bug spray

Drugs are like bug spray

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    I don’t really do drugs and I still want to slit the throat of whoever thinks this shit up.


    Dude, I’m Raided© up right now.


    Are you fucking kidding me? I guess you need an 8th grade education to be an authority on recreational drugs these days.


    Lucky for me I do Air Freshener


    @ohmybob: Seconded.


    So if I want to become a BEE, I just drink/inhale/snort raid?


    Riiight. I totally believed Reefer Madness too.


    I call shoop


    @colonel-yum-yum: Really? Teh pixels?


    @Phyreblade: No, TEH BEEZES


    Dare to BEE cool!

    Luke Magnifico

    So basically, drugs are helping us defeat these humanoid insect mutant abominations.

    Well, I want to contribute to the cause.


    good thing weed is not a drug

    purple banana

    D I won’t do drugs
    A Won’t have an attitude
    R I will respect myself
    E I will educate me

    I love the last line… Anyone else have to sing this lame ass song in middle school?


    youre retarded beyond belief
    weed is a drug, a minor one but still a drug

    on the note of the picture, sadly, drugs are less effective than bug spray, bug spray kills the bugs on the same day the bugs get hit, drugs may take years to kill the parasites that use them



    Your FACE is retarded beyond belief.

    Stupidity is a disease, a minor one but still a disease.

    On the note of your lack of brain, sadly, schools are less effective than just bitchslapping you every time you say something idiotic. Stupidity never kills the infected ones on the same day, stupidity may take years until you piss the right motherfucker off who can’t take it anymore.

    In case you don’t get it, GO AWAY.


    have a cry drugwhore

    and if stupidity is a disease, Holland and USA are terminal cases, and stoners like you are the carriers spreading the disease everywhere else



    This is an American website, you dipshit. Why are you even on the Internet? You should wait until some Nazi invents the Internet. Fucking pseudo patriot.

    Also, fick dich doch ins Knie du Nazi Schwein.


    as if an american website has ONLY american pictures on it

    good thing MCS hasnt been hit by the USA propaganda machine……yet


    Only drug addicts defend drugs.

    Give it a rest, no one cares.



    The majority of people on this website happen to be Americans. Did you really think you could get away with insulting so many people. Fuck you.


    are you ever going to shut up

    as much as you love the sound of your own voice, shouldnt you be getting back to killing muslim babies so you can FINALLY claim that bombed-out hell that used to be the Gaza?



    You just shot yourself in the foot. See, you assume that I’m only Jewish. But I’m mixed. Luckily my parents weren’t as racist as you and didn’t care about each other’s race or religion.
    The thing is, I have Palestinian family in Gaza. What do you say that?
    And also guess what, I’m against Israel. Israel is a Zionist nation, a stolen country and I don’t support it in any way.

    Next ad hominem please.


    you take the red pill, I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes…


    what do I have to say?
    Youre half jewish, and so was Hitler, both you and him refuse to accept anyone elses opinion regardless of how much more educated they are, and just like adolf, the sensible world hates you


    Wrong, drugs are like… drugs!