Goku vs Superman

Goku vs Superman

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    why was i not told about this?


    Superman would make Goku eat his own dick, shit it out, and eat it again over and over for 30 years.


    Goku wins. Easily.


    Goku would turn the man of steel into ash.


    Superman all the way.
    Not even a chance.
    His power level is over 9000.


    Taylor: Goku’s power level was well over 9000 against Vageta, one of his first enemies in DBZ. Nice try.


    hvymetal86: Yeah, but it would take 20 episodes.


    Inev: And everyone would get bored, and forget about it… just like actually happened to the shitty show in the first place.

    Besides, everyone knows DBZ is for losers and fags.


    hvymetal86: Same goes for Superman and comics.

    So that argument goes no where.


    Goku could destroy plants with his pinky. Superman struggles to lift a building. Goku is way stronger than Superman. Faster and has all the Energy beam stuff.

    But Superman is invulnerable, and I’m sure you could kill Goku with conventional weapons if you caught if off guard.

    … Batman, however is a totally different affair.


    Puulaahi: Word. And also, I’ll be a loser and fag as much as I want.


    Inev: Seriously


    how the hell did batman get involved in this?

    anyways.. even if it means being a loser and a fag.. for arguments sake I think goku will win. :p


    best picture ever. EVER!!!!!!!!!!


    Ah, legendary flame bait.

    Silver Age Superman = Win
    Modern Superman = Lose

    It’s simple as that.


    Didn’t Goku’s skin stop bullets when he was only an untrained kid?


    WTF? It’s fucking SUPERman. He shoots frickin “laser beams” from his eyes. With a single glance, he would roast Goku. With a single breath, he would blow his ass to Mars. Not even a close fight.


    Btw. Silver surfer could kick both their asses.


    superman only has powers with the sun of our solar system, they fight here, superman wins, they fight in gokuland, goku wins cause superman wont hav any powers. plus superman and goku are both good guys, this would never happen.
    goku can die with anything, superman only with the kripto stuff..


    Kryptonite knuckles.


    To whoever said DBZ is gay and only fags watch it:

    You are correct sir.

    Supe wins.


    Goku wins, then the hulk comes and rapes Goku


    you guys makes geeks look like hugh hefner

    Luke Magnifico

    rompSku: Dude, Batman has 10,000 power levels secretly prepared in each pocket of his utility belt.
    MrJanio: Superman gains his powers from a YELLOW sun. Goku, from what I have seen, also has a yellow sun.

    Yellow sun.


    gimme a break. superman is the strongerst in his universe til someont like Apocalypse comes along to test his invulnerability … so when he meets a powerhouse with the tchnical trainig that Goku has.. ITS OVER. Superman does not stant a chance. no one does


    I’d like to see a Broly vs Hulk

    I’m just…sayain (had to do it)

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