USS Galena

Confederate-Ironclad.jpg (68 KB)

The USS Galena was a state-of-the-art ironclad Warship. USS Galena, a 950-ton ironclad gunboat, was built at Mystic, Connecticut. Commissioned in April 1862 as the second of the U.S. Navy’s first three armored warships.

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    That these floated always amazes me.
    I know the physics, still it is amazing.


    coastal and river craft, looks like heavy seas would swamp it


    Ironclads FTW… I love those things…


    Interesting trivia – she was heavily damaged in the civil war and the US Navy wanted to replace her, but Congress wouldn’t authorize a new ship so the navy got money to repair her, scrapped her and built a whole new, larger ship with the same name with a few pieces of the old ship saying the rest had been “replaced”

    Yeah, they did that sort of stuff even then – the new ship didn’t even look like the old one.