Barack the Vulcan

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It occurred to me that Tuvok and Barack are one in the same.

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    I know having a president who primarily uses logic is a concept we’ve grown unused to, lol.


    yes… it all clear to me now.


    now he looks like Sarah Silverman.


    Tuvok is the principal on icarly. it’s a pretty good show for Nickelodeon (says the 37 year old).


    @terwilligher: I have to agree. My son watches iCarly and Drake & Josh. I find them much more tolerable than the crap on Disney. The writing is decent and no one makes exaggerated ‘smile for the camera’ faces every five seconds like those asses on Zach & Cody.

    This is what happens when you are in your 30’s. You discuss kids shows with other grown-ups.


    Jeanette McCurdey is gonna be so hot when she grows up


    @chris_hates_freedom: Yes, and thats why he’s avoiding the more important parts of a economic crisis and pissing off his fellow democrats.

    Democrats: Obama needs hands-on economic approach


    @suicydking: Keep away from 4chan’s /co/

    That’s where 30 year olds discuss which cartoon characters they want to have sex with. Sometimes the give photos for reference.


    how is bringing the hammer down on the ” fatcats ” who employ most of the country, thereby leading to crushing job losses and TRUE economic instability any more logical that starting a war with religious extremists that have the limitless support of oil money, that we shell out to dynastic theocracies?
    You MCS atheists are quick to shit on western religions,
    but don’t seem the least bit worried about the people who will blow your asses right up for not believing in what they tell you.


    @Destro: Average salary of a Fortune 500 CEO is above 10 million. I think they have a little room to figure out how to keep people employed if they have to, and I doubt that paying an extra 2 grand a year in taxes is going to make them file for bankruptcy.



    So this is Obama’s fault for not being presidential enough, opposed to the CURRENT president?

    He’s damned if he does because he’s being presumptuous and stepping on Bush’s toes, and he’s damned if he doesn’t because he’s avoiding the issue.

    Nice work.

    I’m sure I’m not going to agree with everything he does, but how about we wait until he’s actually inaugurated to criticize his job as president.

    By “bringing the hammer down”, you are referring to taking away some of their tax breaks?
    Tell Rush I said “Hi”


    @chris_hates_freedom: I would tend to agree. It’s interesting how people are already crying “PHAIL”/”ur doin it rong” before he even has a hand on the reigns…


    I thought you were saying FAILURE with PHAIL/ur it would have worked and looks like a web address.

    Logic dictates that ones waits till one is President to begin official Presidential actions.


    @RSIxidor: LOL so it does… I’ll have to try that next time… 🙂



    So the mortgage crisis and the auto industry bail out has nothing to do with liberal politics?

    Are you sure?
    Also raising taxes on the rich will not accomplish anything if the money is pissed away on poorly thought out and mismanaged liberal programs.
    I’m all for helping out the poor and disenfranchised, but I don’t want ANY politician conservative or liberal taking credit and/or financial extras for doing the PROPER thing.