Meanwhile in America

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    Paranoia – The American Way


    Preparedness – The American Way


    What exactly is he prepared for with all those guns? He only has two arms.


    Blowing his brains out?


    Probably he has a numerous family (it’s easy when you inbreed).




    Thug Life.

    It aint Paranoia.


    No black president is forcing his kids to read books!


    Oh, don’t pretend that the US is the only country with militia nuts…


    Yeah- there’s France! And Finland!


    Preparedness? He has stripped receivers, barely enough ammo for a single day of a training course, and not even one other person with him.

    He needs to sell off some of those safe queens, get more ammo, and not that crappy wolf stuff. Probably should invest in some PMags (new quad stacks are coming people). Wouldnt hurt to get a MRDS on one of those rifles.

    At least he hasn’t strapped on twelve pounds of useless tacticool/CDI stuff to each rifle




    Must be zombies then.


    Much better to invest in 2-3 guns and train with those than buy a whole bunch of guns.


    Shotgun, Rifle, Pistol. And never underestimate the power of a baseball bat either.


    and the frying pan, off course


    You guys forgot crowbar. Play some video games.


    And lawnmower!


    Go for a sword in close quarters. More damaging and reliable than guns in that situation. 🙂 Well, okay, buckshot will still blow a big hole close up, but not practical unless the shotgun is sawed off. Still the risk of misfire. And the sword still has more style.


    He has a nice little pick/multi-tool that his cross is hanging from; seems like that’d meet his CQC needs fine.


    Fake but amusing. No one would put a bible there. Putting on Fox news was a nice touch, though.


    This is mah baibul, theez’ur mah guns. Wen Fox sez tuh shute, y’all gotta run.


    haha, the only thing just as mildly amusing as this picture is the way American’s can’t laugh at themselves.

    USA – serious business


    Uh we are all making fun of the image. Way to miss the signs and sarcasm.


    Be gentle, she’s a little slow. 😉


    it doesn’t count if you’re the ones poking fun. 😉

    also, fuck yeh, gun thread


    But that’s when it counts most.




    Big deal? I count around 18 pieces (I’m counting lower as one) and only few thousand “practice” ammo (most are cheap surplus/wolf/or walmart stuff).

    I have easily that much in stock before I turn 25.

    those ammo seriously, won’t last more than two range day with one or two buddies.

    Remember folks, those the practice shooting are the responsible ones. When was the last time you see street thugs practice their marksman skill? Stop thinking there is something wrong with “gun nuts”.


    Theirs nothing wrong with gun nuts… Until they get road rage, have a spousal dispute or are mentally unstable and decide to shoot someone. Otherwise go shoot in the back woods with your bros or go shoot at the gun range.

    I’ve been to many NRA dinners. Always tasty Prime Rib and food in general.I go for the food. But it’s pretty much a redneck meet and greet. “Thur takin ur guns away.”


    What you described there is an irresponsible human been, in a bad situation. Whether with or without gun makes little different. A road rage SOB can do as much damage with his truck as he can with a gun. A wife beater doesn’t need a gun to do whatever terrible things a wife beater do.

    Are you saying giving you a gun will somehow turn you into some irrational beast? It’s time to stop blaming on the guns and look at WHO cause the action.

    PS: who was even talking about NRA other than you?


    You are missing the connections. All the situations I stated rise to even worse levels with guns near. Without guns in the situation chances are no one would be murdered. Simply stating a fact that if guns are near and someone is irrational a tiny bit: People die. Humans are flawed. Shit happens. Especially during conflict of any kind. The sanest person can act crazy and make bad choices. Of course their are rational people out there that own guns. But laws exist because of the exception. Especially when the exception turns up in the paper under Cops & Courts… Read more »


    I live in a minority-dense urban area. I hear street thugs practicing their aiming skills almost nightly.


    I got more ammo than that. And no zed prep is complete without at least one 22LR.

    I stock up more 223 and x39 instead of getting a 5.7 pea shooter.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Every person would call that guy before they called the cops if he lived near them and they needed help.


    You’d put a gun-wielding stranger in charge of protecting you? Are you assuming he’d do it out of the kindness of his heart? Or do what you ask him to do?

    Oh, and before you say anything about being friends, I have trouble imagining that this guy would really need that many weapons if he really had any…

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    How would you have his phone number if you weren’t friends?

    Make sense or save us the time reading.

    Before saying anything else.

    Make sense.


    One rifle, lots of ammo, that’s the true American way.