The Pregnant Man

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Thomas Trace Beatie, a transgendered man born Tracy LaGondino, reversed hormone replacement and carried a child to term. He had not menstruated in 8 years. His wife, Nancy Beatie, developed sympathy pregnancy and was able to breast feed their daughter, Susan Juliet Beatie. He also did not appear to shave during the pregancy.


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    today is officially lame-ass post day.


    DNA testing say that Thomas has two X chromosomes, and no Y chromosome, making it a female.


    Agreed, its a woman, not a man. So quit calling it a man. Just because you cut your tits off and start taking and then quit taking testosterone, doesn’t make you a man.



    ovaries =/= man


    Kill it with fire?


    Please inform me when a transgendered woman produces a baby… THEN WE KILL IT WITH FIRE!

    but this is just a woman giving birth, no feat at all. If it was the other way around, and some doctor figured out how to put working female reproductive organs in a man to make him a woman… yeah… that would be a feat.


    We can not arbitrarily decide that a tree is a boulder, and then marvel at the stone that bears fruit.


    wow. i dont think there is a phrase for this situation more perfect than that.

    bravo and +34 internets to you!



    Science is not arbitrary. X =/= Y.

    Or wait, are you on the good guys side? I can see it going both ways.


    Who… fucking… CARES?

    Let he/she/it be be whatever it wants to be. Damn.





    I don’t see where my statement is vague =P


    i’d hate having that person as my mother/father/parent/relative

    Bring a child in to carry your legacy of a burden, good fucking grief.



    Good guys side? Are you one of O’Reilly’s culture warriors?

    Frogs can change gender, and yet they’re only born with a certain set of chromosomes like you mention here. XX or XY.

    Yet, they change gender with hormones (kinda like this woman here) and they are able to take on the other sex role and even impregnate or be impregnated. It’s also been known to happen in fish and orchids.

    In this case X can = Y.

    Science is not arbitrary, but it’s also not bound by human opinion.


    People should have the right to have a sex change.
    People should have the right to marry someone of the same sex.
    People should have the right to raise kids after either of these.
    People SHOULD NOT get publicity and treatment as a walking miracle simply because they scratched out their biological gender label in favor of the other brand, but (somehow!) do something associated with their original gender.

    The transgender/transsexual community also have the right to be pompous, retarded asshats from time to time. The also have the right to get called on it.



    Frogs are fucking awesome.


    I think that is the absolute best point to make about this guy. Whether or not your okay with it (I don’t have a moral objection, just icky factor), why should it get publicity? I can only think the reason is to shock people, which is what most news is now, right? Shocking people.


    think about what is more likely to sell…a front page article with something provocative and controversial on it, designed to make you pick it up and read it (or keep watching the show) or an article about a 46-year-old who makes $50 at his garage sale.

    you wont even find the second one because it wont get printed. no one cares enough to show that. youre completely right – shocking people is how you keep an audience.

    can someone prove me wrong on that?



    No, nobody is going to prove you wrong. People will read it in a community newspaper about someone they know (a church newsletter, etc). But who cares if some guy you don’t know makes money unless he’s giving it to you or its some exorbitant amount.


    chris_hates_freedom: Why do half the things that we hear about get publicity? Nine times out of ten it’s because people want to hear about it.

    My fault here is at the extreme reactions. No one got this much up in arms when Joe the Plumber used his 15 minutes of fame to start a political career, and I read a lot more than just 1 or 2 articles on him.

    Seriously, I’ve met only two people who are transgendered, and I wouldn’t call them “pompous, retarded asshats.” They’re more like shell shocked victims of constant abuse that are constantly wondering if the next person they meet will be a kind heart or another “oh my god – it’s different – let’s beat it with sticks! (in one case, literally)” type person. I’m sure they can use an uplifting symbol like these two.

    Honestly, when I first heard about this, I said to myself, “Huh, cool” and moved on with my day. The only reason I originally stopped to post in here was to comment that these two are also from Portland, OR.

    Why so seriously upset?

    compasseagle89: I grew up in Medford, OR and delivered the newspaper. The typical headline would be a bee on a local flower with the title “Spring Is Here!” On particularly slow days, even garage sale guy could have made the front page.


    I think this is fucking disgusting and shouldn’t be publicized, as it is eerily similar to a freak show.


    ok, i will admit that in smaller, community-like publications there are nice, innocent articles. but the vast majority of the news, especially stuff like the 6 and 11 o’clock news, are about the rapists that live in your community and could be hiding under your porch. generalizing doesnt isnt perfect, but it does hold true for a good deal of the time.

    medford, huh? although im away at college far from it, my home is (recently) in sisters. oregons a great place.


    You know, I have nothing against people who have sex changes…but if you still have girl parts, you’re a girl. Period. This is not a “pregnant man”, this is a “pregnant woman who’s had a -partial- sex change”.


    My point about their right to be pompous, retarded asshats is that EVERYONE has that right. A right this guy is currently exercising.

    Maybe you haven’t run across me too often in the world of MCS comments, but I AM the liberal guy who gets riled up over the (not) Joe the (not licensed) Plumber.

    Why is this story uplifting? Is it framed as “courageous couple tries to raise a normal family in the face of intolerance”, or more as “BEHOLD! GAZE UPON THE PREGNANT MAN! JUST FIVE DOLLARS A TICKET”?

    This is not an uplifting symbol. This is someone sensationalizing themselves for their own benefit.


    He looks gay.


    if you saw there video… you know that they didn’t went outside there house … so they don’t care about publicity they just wanted to be together as a family


    MonkeyHitman: If they didn’t care about publicity they wouldn’t be sensationalizing it on national television every chance they get, moron.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    One of my best friends is a male-to-female transgender and even she thinks this guy is sick.


    chris_hates_freedom: Profound! I love it! I give you 20 more internets!

    Tattooed Blondie

    I think same sex marriage is great, and that they should be allowed to have kids. But that is a woman, NOT a man, and I have no fucking clue why people are stupid enough to believe otherwise. People really disappoint me.


    chris_hates_freedom: Are you some kinda brain learned guy?


    Hey look a woman with facial hair that’s preggers!
    No big deal, haven’t you ever seen an Italian woman with child?


    Tyger42: dumbass you really don’t know news right… they did one or a couple interview and it spread out like aids … ppl are so stupid to call this omg this is soo shocking … because there dumbass. a ordinary simple a woman married another women who had sex change and they got a baby soooo what.. is it the end of the world ?

    just listen okay before you start saying some stupid stuff. they both stayed in there own house until the baby was born after the baby borned they stayed more. basicly they spend all there time on the baby because they didn’t want publicity and this proves that they don’t need/want publicity. they just want to be happy with there child


    They’re spending all their time there?


    Fire is not enough
    Kill it with a bath in Sulphuric Acid


    Paul_Is_Drunk: *golf clap*


    . No, they HAVE left their house. The first time around they went on talk shows, radio, print interviews and the like. They had an offical “representative” (i.e. agent, PR person, what have you.) And now, once their original 15 mins of fame expired and they needed more money/attention they started it all up again. That completely and utterly negates ANY semblance of impartiality or desire for privacy. That being said if they can make a buck, support themselves and provide a future for their kids, than more power to them. If people are stupid, nosey and hooked to sensationalism enough to pay for it then why the fuck should any of us care? It’s pathetic and attention whoring at it’s best…the epitome of modern media.

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