Golf Stretch

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    Also, god they still need to invent something that I hate more than this ‘sport’. I’ve done it only once. Never have I hated people around me, and what they were pretending to do, more than that one time.


    I would hit that like a Titleist! -or insert other golfball brand name here-
    dieAntagonista totally agree, golf is barely a sport, but if she played in a g-string and pasties.. I’d follow the tour!


    @dieAntagonista: Its just as much of a sport as football or baseball.

    Luke Magnifico


    I mean, if you ran from hole to hole, and had to beat people to the ball and make snap shots, then maybe.

    But seeing as most people drive to the holes, and then stand for like 10 minutes working out their strike, golf is as much of a sport as playing video games is.


    Golf’s a sport.

    You can argue over what kind of sports you feel are more ‘sportly’ just like you can argue what makes a man ‘manly’ but it’s still a sport/man.

    Stuff like figure skating is more vague. If who wins depends on a panel of judges, then I’m more likely to put it in the special category of ‘performance sport.’

    That said, I fucking hate golf… and I trained for years.


    Sport, to be defined as, an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature.

    I’m sorry, now what did you say wasn’t a sport? I couldn’t hear you over your biased and uneducated attitude.


    Bowling is a sport too, that takes minimal physical effort, but does take skill, as does golf. Granted, I can’t watch it, but playing is pretty fun as long as you are with friends.

    : Sad thing is, video games have a league, which is trying to make it a competitive sport as well.


    @LukeV1-5: Sports aren’t all about sweat and testosterone, numbnuts.


    Alright golf may be a sport. But god damn look at the people who mostly ‘play’ it. First of all you got all this huge places, wasted on a handful of people practising this so called sport. It’s mostly ridiculously expensive. The people are mostly snobs, and do it even though they hate it, only to appear interesting.
    I know there are exceptions, but that day, I haven’t seen one person who seemed to have fun doing it. It obviously can’t keep you fit either, so what’s the point.

    Luke Magnifico

    @Tardex: I concede that golf requires skill. But so does Making matchstick models. What athletic dimension is there to golf? Ok, you have to swing the club, hard, but you have gravity and momentum on your side. You spend about a second using technique, swinging, and that’s the keyword, the club, and then you either stroll or are driven to where your ball landed. Golf fulfills 2 of the 3 criteria your definition establishes: it requires skill and is competitive, mostly. Video games require skill, and, as Dral has stated, can be played competitively. Fuck, by that definition, Pictionary is… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Hey fags there’s tits in that picture.

    Quit acting like 14 year old fat girls and/or 40 year old bar lifers.


    I like what that stretch does for her.

    Luke Magnifico

    @mAgnUS BUTTfoorson: Dude, I acknowledge the woman.

    I have already found her FHM shoot. It is hot.

    But I’m putting her aside for an appropriate occasion.


    @LukeV1-5: “Physical prowess” Forget about that? You dont have to be incredibly fit to have physical prowess. To be able to do what golfers do does take physical prowess, it does take, it requires skill, and it is an athletic activity, maybe not to the same extent as soccer or football.

    Also, that is the universal definition of a sport. To try to make your own definition for it is like trying to make another definition for “the” Its illogical and stupid.


    Who is that?


    @jimmieq: ..Natalie Gulbis?


    Hey guys, this is Natlie Gulbis. Why the fuck are you talking about sports?

    Luke Magnifico

    These people are right, we should just say that I am right, and you are wrong.

    And then we should say “Boobs”.

    So, as an act of good will, let me be the first to say: Boobs.


    this is my defination of golf


    @LukeV1-5: Not even by “common social standard”. Yes, some sports are about testosterone and sweat, but not all are.

    Luke Magnifico

    @Tyger42: You are incorrect. Give me on bona fide undisputed sport that does not involve some kind of physical exertion.

    If you say chess, so help me, I will be angry, but will not do anything otherwise!

    You’ve been warned!

    Luke Magnifico

    Also: Why are you still doing this.

    I cannot stop myself.


    @MonkeyHitman: Ahaha.
    “Fuck noo. With a little fucked up stick.”
    Robin is teh man.


    @LukeV1-5: you are incredibly narrow minded person. That is all that needs to be said.

    Now to agree on another note; boobs. Oh so glorious.


    jesus this is the internet man why you ppl care so much if someone is wrong or right just enjoy the boobs no matter if your wrong or right or correcting someone’s spelling you still look like a retard.


    You all are ignoring the fact that she’s hot and has nice big tits and are instead arguing about what is and isn’t a sport…. wtf homos? wtf?


    Oh and I can talk about golf as much as I want, doesn’t make me a fag. Especially since I’m not a guy.
    This is teh Internets. Boobage is available 24/7 on here anyway.


    @dieAntagonista: all shapes all sizes all colors


    @MonkeyHitman: I prefer square, large and maroooooooon.


    @Tardex: haha teach me of your likes i MUST KNOW


    Get her to play naked and then I may watch it, till then I agree with Mark Twain on the matter of golf: “It’s a beautiful walk spoiled by a small white ball.”


    @LukeV1-5: There is no “bona fide undisputed” sport. People will argue to no end about pretty much any of them. However, if just “physical exertion” is your qualifier, then Golf is a sport. It doesn’t require as much as Football, for instance, but there’s still exertion going on there.
    Sports are contests of physical ability, be it brute strength, endurance, or simply coordination, or any combination. Golf is a sport. Bowling is a sport. Even Billiards is a sport.


    @hvymetal86: Who says both can’t be done at the same time?


    Yay, boobs! Omnomnomnom! And if fucking curling counts as a sport, then so does golf. They have brooms for fucks sake. BROOMS!


    Who really decides what a sport is? Majority. That’s how rules get changed and that’s how sports get invented. Just because you don’t like it, or don’t get it, doesn’t mean it’s not sport. Golf is almost magical, in the sense that somehow they manage to hit the ball that far and get it in the hole in one shot…and about the pic, DAMN


    I’m not going to argue about what is and isn’t a sport, but will say I enjoy playing and watching golf as much as hockey.

    Not trying to compare football with anything, but there sure is a lot of standing around with the clock running. The Super Bowl has at times seemed to be a competition of which team can waste the most time.


    I hate golf but if you don’t want to accept it’s a sport, might as well count pool out (it too requires you to analyze shots), as well as any kind of board-based games (chess for example).


    @Dreth: Lots of people do count those out. Not saying they’re right, as is obvious by my other comments on this, but just saying that argument isn’t going to sway anyone. 😉




    HA! Puulaahi wins.


    Wow. Arguing over whether or not golf is a sport.
    I want to all over her .


    There was golf in the pic?