warm in blanket

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    That’s probably the only photo in the entire series where she is decent (in terms of wearing enough where she could put a print up on a wall and point to it saying “see mom & dad, I’m a model!”).

    And she actually looks kind of wholesome here, too.


    that SG logo makes me want to see more of the set
    but then I remember that Suicide Girls usually have tattoos
    and I don’t like tattoos


    There’s no way she could be warm in that blanket, with her shoulder just hanging out like that. Probably leaving a draft down her back too.


    Uh, while I was gone, did SuicideGirls stop being about damaged girls using “alternative style” (and porn) as a mechanism by which to demand the positive male attention they’ve been lacking for so long?

    Luke Magnifico



    Okay. Curiosity got to me and I finally looked her up and was disappointed that I did. Just as expected, the other photos I found on GIS just weren’t as cute or good as the one up there. Oh well. Everybody has different tastes.

    Anyways, her SG name is “Revenge”. And here’s a little bit more of her, this one page is SFW: www.the-back-row.com/blog2.php/2011/03/19/suicide-girl-of-the-day-revenge


    Who is she?