fuck the south

fuck the south

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    fuckthesouth.com/ – readable size.


    here in texas we are to lazy to read all of that so fuck you who ever said fuck the south you fucking hating fucker fucking white sox fan go back to being a fucking shit head.


    I’m in Florida.. and I say give it back to Spain.. They have better health care.


    Yes, because everyone in the south is like that.


    And being the other texan on here, I read it, and agree with the earlier comment. Fuck whoever said fuck the sounth, and I also add that you can take your socialist loving ass to Russia. YOU leave the Union. We’ll keep it safe while you roll over and die like the rest of you liberal pussies.
    We’ll keep fighting for our country. You enjoy the free ride we give you.


    PS Just thought I’d let yall know, I’m an angry person right now, cuz I’m on some heavy duty pain killers. So, I hope you have wonderful internet day.



    Who gets angry when on pain killers? I usually get pretty relaxed. Are you sure those aren’t bizzarro pain killers?

    As the other other Texan on here, I’m not sure I give a damn about the pussy whining of some guy on the internet. Though he does have some good points. I would be interested to know who in the states he specifically mentions (Tennessee) supported the stuff he’s talking about (R vs D). I’m not making accusations, I’m actually curious.


    Honestly? I like the South. Sure, there are a lot of stereotypes, but there are also some really cool people there. Just don’t bring your colored friends. 😛


    +10 points to the person who wrote this.

    It’s fucking true, so fucking true. Having lived in North West Florida for the last five years after living in a Blue state, I’ve got to say, the South is so fucked, and it’s exactly as it says on that.


    Jagermeister: You sound like a small child. And pretty racist.

    So what’s up with “Fuck the south”? That’s pretty racist as well. I don’t care how many rednecks or stereotypes live in the south, it’s racist.


    Are you saying the south is racist? Or that Jager is racist? Or that the image is racist?

    I don’t see how his post was racist, exactly, but that’s okay, because everyone is racist because minorities say so.

    Howie Feltersnatch

    This is so full of win, my monitor exploded from the sheer force of its awesomeness. Fuck the south. Bunch of inbred, NASCAR watching, banjo playing, lite beer swilling, toothless, uneducated, science-hating assholes with their crucifixes shoved so far up their asses they can feel Jebus’ feet tickling their uvulas. They’re nothing more than a Christian version of the Taliban. Fuck. The. South.



    Actually that’s not quite right, everyone is racists because Caucasians don’t want people to think they’re racists so they act like they’re not racists (even if they’re not, it can be suspicious action that makes it look like they are but are trying to show that they’re not) causing other ethnic groups to call them all racists. On top of that all minorities hate each other because of genetics. Scientific fact.


    How am I a racist? I never said I supported slavery. How is it racist when a white male stands up against a stereotype that was unfairly placed on him? I like where I live. No I dont agree with everything that comes out of it. Yes there are idiots down here, but I’ll be damned if I dont defend my home. Peace.


    Howie Feltersnatch:

    Right, because people in the south raid villages, and plot to attack countries that don’t agree with them. Just like the Taliban. (barring that group of skinheads, but damnit those are extremists, and damnit I want “damnit” to be spelled the way I spell it but the spell check says I’m wrong. I’m not trying to say dam as in water, I’m saying damn as in damn to hell, what the fuck!?)


    RSIxidor: I said that Jager is racist as well as any body who says things like “fuck the south”. Of course ever body is racist, but jesus, to what fucking degree!

    Haha, your post hilarious. I accuse you of being racist and you jump immediately to idiotic conclusions.
    There are other ways to be racist, other than supporting slavery or anything that has to do with black people.
    For one, you insulted the country Russia. Then you went on to call certain people socialists, and we all know why you did that, and that they should leave the union. As if they don’t have a right to have an opinion of their own in their country. That’s racist, and for all I care you could be a purple monkey. Nobody cares about the colour of your skin except for you really.


    Well, they bomb and attack people that don’t agree with them. Seriously, abortion clinic bombers and murderers. Go look at those. Guy got killed down here in FLORIDA, durr de durr, the south, a few years ago, because he worked as a doctor at a women’s health clinic.

    It was a frakking bible freak that did it. Now they have to have cops there because the protestors are always starting shit and the cops don’t want another murder or bombing on their hands.


    I hate to say this and I am sure you will all label me a racist and ignorant but who ever wrote this their history is all wrong. Your Yankee elitists may think your so high and mighty but if it hadn’t been for the South this country would have never been started. Who do you think wrote the Declaration of Independence? A Southern by the name of Thomas Jefferson. Who was the Commander of the of the Continental Army? A Southerner by the name of George Washington. If we didn’t do anything to help your all important and impressive North then why did you beg Washington out of retirement to command your army. Why are the first several Presidents, John Adams excluded, referred to as the Virginia Dynasty, that’s because they were all from the South.
    Also the comment about Florida crying after a hurricane is absolutely fucking false, to use your favorite word. Florida has never begged or bitched to the federal government for aid after a hurricane, that would be New Orleans (you know that great Northern city in the South built below sea level). After Ivan went through and brought Pensacola to its knees and the 45 or 50 foot wave took out its bridge and flooded its downtown,and destroyed several buildings and homes, they didn’t say, “the federal government owes me a new house and should have been here to wipe my ass because I didn’t evacuate because my mayor was too busy to use his fleet of buses to evacuate the population”. Oh wait sorry that’s what they said in New Orleans. No, we Floridians started to rebuild and take care of our own.
    I am sorry you hate the South so much. We have tried to help this country since its inception and this is the thanks we get. So the next time your invaded (War of 1812) don’t call us.


    Last time I checked socialism is not a race. And Russia was a socialist nation. Ever hear of the USSR? And I’m seeing socialist ideas coming out of the democratic candidate (no i did not vote for McCain before y’all jump on that). So stating fact is racist, when race isnt even the issue? Smooth bro. Thank you for enlightening me.


    Also, to all you people who think, zomg dats so fuckin true wat they say about da south!!1! – Think again. You aren’t any different than a white racist (for example), who says things like, oh yeah all black people are criminals and so on. Just because it’s accurate most of the time doesn’t make it correct.
    That’s no way to live.

    Alec Dalek

    This isn’t fair. People in the South are so retarded because of all their inbreeding. It’s not their fault!



    Re: My post: That was mostly me just waking up and having fun with myself.

    Re: Jager’s Post: Disliking a country or an ideology is not racism. Racism is based on race, not nationality. It is prejudice, no doubt, but not necessarily racism. If he said “Black people who live in Russia and are socialists are bad people” that might be racism, but could still be seen as not liking the ideology or the country.

    Once again: Radical extremists.

    I’m no more happy about that then you are, but they don’t represent the south, they embarrass it. The majority of people in the south that I’ve known, including the bible-thumpers (not the crazy ones though) do not agree with bombing abortion clinics. No Christian who actually is faithful in their religion should not be okay with murder. The Christian faith (if actually followed) is about moving away from violent activism, and leaving things out of your control in God’s hands.


    Not everyone in the south has that mindset. That’s sadly more of a particular religious mindset than one of geography. That same gullible-hick attitude extends above the mason dixon line as well. As this awesome guy pointed out: www.hockeyzombie.com/comic/2008/10/19/

    So, it’s not just some of our embarrassing neighbors.


    Yeah man. I just don’t like socialism. I enjoy being a capitalist and an infidel.


    Jagermeister: Ok then I’ll just call you xenophobic if it makes you happy. Yes, you were hinting on Obama being a socialist. If your definition of socialist is broad enough to include Obama, then that would make McCain just as much of a socialist. Check your facts mate.
    And either way, you insulted Russia because somebody else insulted the South. Don’t you see the error in your statement?

    cubsfan77: I’m not sure about the accuracy of some of the things you said, but I agree with you.


    I aint your mate pal. Check your facts. His economic policies push us closer and closer to scialism, while his national security policies cuff our hands.


    RSIxidor: Yeah I know that. I wrote that because he was hinting on Obama being a socialist. And that all those ‘socialists’ should leave the union, and we all know where those ‘socialists’ mostly come from.


    Yeah…a lot of those people this asshole mentioned were southerners.

    Blue states vs. red states didn’t exist back then, the modern politics of states has nothing to do with the state politics back then.

    it’s not just southern conservatives who hate taxes.

    I say “it’s your money not the government’s” all the time. If this fuckhole wants to kick my ass, I’ll give him my address.

    This was written by a REAL asshole. He makes some good points, but he’s just a piece of shit. Probably a college freshman from some rich ass limousine liberal family in suburban boston who doesn’t have a job and bitches about going to 5 classes a week but also fancies his or herself a champion of the working class.




    I agree with the sentiment that it was the same error as saying “fuck the south.” But I think its really that he doesn’t like Socialism, not that he doesn’t like Russia. Whatever.

    I’ve heard the argument that McCain also supports Socialist tenets. The only counterargument I’ve heard is that he doesn’t support as deep of a tax cut for middle class compared to the raise for upper class, and that he doesn’t support sending checks to individuals who don’t pay taxes. Fact is, the majority of politicians have socialist tenants on some level. Differing views are what make Democracy work, right? . . . right?


    Jagermeister: Well I ain’t your pal mate.
    Are you trying to be funny or what.

    Your understanding of socialism is fairly poor. What is that even supposed to mean, ‘His economic policies push us closer and closer’. Again, if that’s your definition of socialism, then you’re living ALREADY in a socialist country. You have a public fire department, public police, public postal system and so on. Again, do you even know what socialist means? Get a grip.


    Its mainly the reassignment of wealth that bothers me.
    And I’ll admit, maybe my statement was a bit xenophobic. But no more so that the picture above.
    So here’s the deal. I’ma go pop another pill and peace.





    I don’t know how or why I’m even bothering, honestly. This isn’t like me. I usually look at stuff like this, laugh at what I find funny about it, and move on.


    Jagermeister: Well why does it bother you. What are you afraid of? Don’t you agree that there are serious issues with health care and the amount of money people have to pay for school?
    And yeah I already said I agree. The picture above is bullshit. But that’s no reason to state things which are just as ignorant.

    I’d say no, don’t pop another pill, and yeah get well.


    RSIxidor: Yeah I totally agree with what you wrote, actually.

    Red Queen

    Florida is full of Northerners who have retired there 🙂 I am proud be a Southerner. My family didn’t own slaves- nor did anyone else I know. Apparently the writer of this hasn’t been to the south and doesn’t know much about it or is visiting the extremist websites to get his opinions on the south. If He did he would have realized that much of the south was too poor to have slaves in the Civil war- the actual war was over taxes. Read “The South was right!”- www.amazon.com/South-Right-James-Ronald-Kennedy/dp/1565540247.


    Thanks for the well wishes. Too late. Already took it. (Yes, its legit. I had some surgery, otherwise I wouldnt be here right now being a jackass.) But yeah, I think health care would be better in a free market economy. Forces inovation.
    Who wants some mexican food?


    This fred made me cry a couple tears of joy. Just thought I should let you know guys.


    Wait, what, forces innovation?

    You’ll never find a bigger capitalist than me but 90% of health-related medical advances come from university labs, and are announced in university-published journals.

    Drug companies almost entirely research drugs for depression and cosmetic purposes. When the next plague hits its not going to be the guys who make baldness and weight-loss pills saving us.


    Well…I am guessing that there are three here from Texas.

    I read this (heh…yeah, I can read!) and can only think…jeez…this guy missed his Xanax dosage or perhaps its intravenous in this case…regardless they need to up the dose. It seems typical that everyone seems to think that the Civil war was about slavery…and that Lincoln was a great prez. He wasn’t bad. But he wanted all the slaves out of the country. The South was pissed over Lincoln wanting to remove states rights. Look it up, its all there. Nowadays everyone still thinks that the south is “poor” and the north is “rich”. Not true. In Texas alone you can account for a rather large portion of the national wealth…oil, coal, gas, and a large proportion of the US refining capability. But of course, we shouldn’t be able to do this as we are “slack jawed” and “stupid fucks”.

    Personally, I say let them keep that attitude about us. I have no problem with them thinking that way…perhaps that will keep them from coming down here and ruining our fun.



    I’m cool with the somewhat socialist aspects of public services. I think schools should be more affordable, but I don’t think the government should have as much control over schools as they do.

    I feel that schools should be built by their community and should teach what that community wants their kids to learn, alongside a basic country wide required curriculum. (neither barring or requiring religious instruction, but requiring scientifically proven curriculum alongside whatever the local community wants).

    The problem with this comes when we get to larger cities, such as my hometown Dallas. We have an extreme mix of people here. Some would want purely scientific theories taught, some would want purely religious doctrine taught, some would want bilingual or completely Spanish language classes (this already exists some places here).

    As for redistribution of wealth . . . I’m not really for it, of course its already in effect. Sort of. Wealthy people already fall into a higher percentage tax rate, but there’s also more ability for wealthy individuals to find ways out of paying those taxes (some of it is temporary, some kinds of investments, charity stuff, exemptions of some sort, etc). A lot of not-so-wealthy people have some of these options as well, but don’t take them.

    The big argument I’ve heard is that this will balloon the middle class, instead of helping to grow the middle class to the upper class (I don’t have the exact numbers and years, but ~10% went from middle class to upper class in recent years. That’s progress).


    Those issues with schools are two different ones. If you compare the US to other countries where you can go to school for free, it does make you think, why isn’t that possible in the most powerful country in the world as well?

    And I think teaching religion is just fine, as long as it’s kept separate from science. I know there are some creationists who don’t want their children to be taught things like evolution, but they can decide specifically what they don’t want their children to learn at school.
    As for the completely Spanish language classes, I think that’s nonsense. Bilingual on the other hand, makes perfect sense.
    But yea, just like you said, if the community can decide individually there should be no problem.

    And again, Obama’s tax plan works just fine in so many other countries, why not in America? If you consider the fact, that there are ridiculously rich people in this country, some who own more money than small countries – isn’t it worth a try. You really can’t say, that any president has already tried it and that it failed miserably or anything. Especially now after that horrendous bailout.


    But…. I’m in the South, and I’m not a red state asshole :U!



    The bailout was an absolutely horrendous, nonsensical, and completely avoidable (if the right steps had been taken, which both parties pushed for at one time or another, at least in part).

    The problem with bilingual classes (at least in Dallas) is that they don’t work. The administration hangs on to bad teachers just because they can speak Spanish, and the students who speak the same language are worse off than those who had to learn English by immersion (immersion works damnit), and the ones who speak only English are WAY worse off than they would be in an English only class.

    Recently the Dallas Independent School District had a lay off of 600+ teachers, and then two weeks later put out ads for bilingual teachers (and some other specialties, like science).

    The whole point of the layoff was because the damned administration made a clerical error accounting for $64 MILLION. So the teachers end up paying for this?? More importantly, the STUDENTS PAY?! That’s not right. I don’t understand why the TEA hasn’t come to run this show yet, because obviously the guys doing it look like the products of their own work.



    Yes you are because that image said so. Deal with it.


    Damn, there are so many stupid remarks in there I don’t where to begin. Like the South wasn’t involved in the revolution, we just provided the leaders. Ever heard of George Washington?
    And dumbass, the South seceded over state’s rights, not slavery. Don’t base everything off of 3rd grade history lessons. Maybe go out and read a book.

    Special Kail

    I’m from Tennessee, and I support this message.

    It is so full of win it’s not even funny. I was born and raised in TN and all these stupid fucks around me piss me off on a daily basis . Ther’e so fucking slackjawed and ignorant. FUCK! AGH!!


    Special Kail:

    Then let it be about Tennessee. Not about the South.


    Ah see, I wasn’t aware of this thing with Spanish being such a big problem.
    But it seems to me like the real problem is just that the wrong people are in charge. Of course English is under all circumstances the most important language, and therefore the teachers should be required to know it perfectly.
    Seems like a total unnecessary dilemma.

    I have to admit, as far as the school system goes, it’s apparently not as simple as I thought.


    I also forgot to mention, some of the “bilingual” teachers are recruited from South American countries, and their accents are so thick it doesn’t even matter if they’re speaking English. Some of them are so fresh they don’t have the “common” part of the language yet and it causes serious issues for conversation between a student (or parent) and teacher.

    On top of that, the school system gets pressured into having individuals who speak both languages, and of course there’s no one out there worried about all the Africans, Asians, and whatever else who have to learn by immersion. How the hell are they supposed to learn if half of the teachers speak more Spanish than English, all the curriculum is in English, and half of their class mates barely know English (or grammatical Spanish, for that matter).

    Special Kail

    No, fuck the south.

    Special Kail

    See, TN is like the Diet Coke of the south. There are still some quasi normal areas.. but you get into that deep south… whew.


    LMAO! I hate the south almost as much as I hate the northeast. Fuck everthing east of the Mississippi.



    How about the northwest?



    You know, sometimes I’ve wondered if there was a real movement for secession, if it wouldn’t be split three ways. (maybe five if Texas and Alaska secessionist parties got their way).

    Special Kail

    Maybe 50?


    , I’m from Idaho and I lived in the Puget Sound area for a while so I’m happy with the NW. OR is a bit flakey but the further from Portland you get the better it is. Sorry if you’re from Portland, just way too many hippies for me.

    As for secession, it wouldn’t hurt my feeling one bit. It would be interesting to see just where the lines would be drawn.


    Ugh! way to mix all social grievances into one giant clusterfuck.

    Having spent most of my life in either Louisiana or Minnesota, I have a bunch of sympathy for both sides.

    RSixidor, Jagermeister and other defenders of southern pride: if nothing else, it is useful to not dismiss this a some limousine liberal, but realize that this is a common, perhaps-less-than-informed-but-not-elitist view of the southern USA not just from the north but also much of the rest of the world. George W Bush has done a lot to reinforce this, but so has every movie ever made that features a rich white selfish businessman such as an oil baron or a poor white racist ignorant asshole (often a sheriff). While it is based on very real people and very real problems (I’m sure it is difficult trying to fund public schools in the Dallas area and deal with immigrants and language issues, but I’m going to look at someone growing up black and poor in rural Mississippi and say that you have it pretty good), the stereotype as a whole is completely unfair. That said, most stereotypes are unfair. Massacheussets is dominated by blue collar catholic familymen and factory workers just trying to have energy after their shift to catch their kids peewee football game, yet the red states never get tired of trying to paint them as gentrified wealth drinking scotch at Harvard alumni parties and turtleneck wearing homosexuals having wine and cheese at art openings and reading Karl Marx to each other. Stereotypes suck. Small town Virginia looks a lot like small town Vermont and Atlanta looks a lot like Madison.

    As to socialism: it’s all a sliding scale. Yeah, Obama’s plan is more socialist than Bush/McCain’s, but most things are. Of course, that depends on whether tax and spend is more socialist than borrow and spend. Some would argue that the most socialist president of them all would be Ronald Reagan, since he increased government spending more than any other president. What neither Obama nor McCain seem to have the political will to do was to tell the American people the truth: that we will have to either curtail all our monetary desires, or increase our taxes.


    Hmmm. Somehow I missed the other side of my argument that defended the south. Hmmm. Chalk that up to being on a roll.

    Northerners, it is important to realize that a bunch of stuff that people drag into this constant pointless regionalism are either completely irrelevant or broad strokes of the brush. There’s nothing more frustrating than being a Texan and having to put up with someone thinking of them with the stereotype of the traditional Appalacian cousin fucker (which, btw, is also an unfair stereotype. close knit rural communities have always had a more inbred population, especially before modern transportation, but that is just as true in rural Iowa or South Dakota). Likewise, NASCAR is an odd little sport, roughly as monotonous to watch on TV as baseball is, but it doesn’t prove that people who watch it are somehow stupid (likewise, it is not exactly a southern exclusive sport).

    I think, in the end, it boils down to this:

    Northerners think that Southerners think that they are more patriotic than the Northerners, and wrap themselves up in the flag.

    Southerners think that Northerners think that they are smarter than the Southerners, and arrogantly dismiss them as ignorant yokals.

    In the end, it is a bunch of people who think they know what everyone else thinks and never stops to ask or have a meaningful dialogue.



    Yup. The American way!


    Sounds like a Carlin Rant…


    This guy is a fucking idiot. Just because he stereotypes everyone in the south, doesn’t mean we’re all the same. he’s just basing all of this off of first impressions. i bet he’ll never say that to someone that lives in the south(especially Alabama)


    Well, I’m from chattanooga and considered a hippie by most even though I don’t really conform to any particular style (I have no idea why I opened my first ever MCS post with that). Anyhoo, I’m too busy having sex with my girlfriend and working (struggling) to worry about what someone who has never met me thinks. And by the way, Most people in the world hate Americans regardless of wether or not they are a southerner or a northerner. So this is kind of a pointless message.

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