Warhammer HQ

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    Nerd factory. I want to work there…


    I SO want to go paint that statue… it’s begging me to go have at it with my dark angels green spray paint. This is probably in the UK somewhere huh? 40k is the nerdiest hobby of mine. I don’t play it, just paint the cute little soldiers. I got a 2000 point Sisters of Battle army, a 1500 point dark angel army and I’m (slowly) working on a Dark Eldar pirate army. Plus assorted squads and characters from other armies. Sigh, why is it that the only guys that like my nerdiness gross me out with their corpulence or… Read more »


    The man you are looking for is me. Unfortunately, I’m already happily married. My wife not only supports my silly hobbies, but is thrilled when I leave her alone once a week to go push little plastic men across a table.




    @suicydking: Best description of Warhammer 40k ever award goes to you, my friend.

    tiki god

    @sylvanish: cause you’re looking in the wrong place. I’ve been here all along yo


    @tiki god: I doubt you’d pass the “creepiness” test and, considering the amount of booze you swill, your corpulence must also be called into question.

    Luke Magnifico

    I used to like painting them and building them. I liked the Tau. Then one day, while putting the final touches on a Tigershark, when I made a realisation; I had just paid 150 euro on a model slightly bigger than my hand.

    So I stopped.

    And that is all.


    @LukeV1-5: Yeah, that’s why I only stick to pen & paper RPG.


    @LukeV1-5: I nearly did the same once. Then, I thought about how much I was spending at the bar one or twice a week. The only thing I keep from that is a hangover. My models will go to my son when he’s older. Also, in this day & age, we spend $60 on a new XBOX game without batting an eye. Usually, you get a good week out of it, unless it has some serious multiplayer replayability. It’s a plastic disc ffs. It takes me a week to clean, modify & assemble a decent sized Games Workshop kit, and… Read more »

    Luke Magnifico

    It takes you a week to do that?

    Damn, man, I once rigged up an Ork-hijacked hammerhead, complete with battle scarring, Tau corpses and carousing Orks in 3 hours.

    Painting took 25 minutes, not including the primer time.

    Luke Magnifico

    Note: That is another reason I stopped doing it. I got a little obsessive.


    @sylvanish, There are a large number of only selectively dorky men out there who are into this kind of stuff. They just aren’t the ones who go to every con every year and advertise their hobby on their facebook page. For instance, Joe Hypothetical is a 31 year old, well adjusted, divorced business analyst for a major banking corporation. He plays softball on the company team, jogs to lose the 15 lbs he’s gained since he quit running two marathons a year like he did in his twenties, and plays trumpet with a local community jazz band. He also happens… Read more »


    AKA the HQ of Awe.