Let The Issues Be The Issue

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By the time this posts, one or the other will be president. Still, I thought this was pretty cool. From TheCoolHunter.net

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    32 Responses ttto Let The Issues Be The Issue

    1. yawn says:

      Holy shit.

      So…who’s president?

    2. Sticky says:

      I’d assume either Barack McCain or John Obama.

    3. bright green says:

      White Barack looks like The Ridderler from my Batman book.

    4. Annarchy says:

      Barack is still hotter than McCain.

    5. Luke Magnifico says:

      People were talking to the little chil’rinz in my school today about the US elections. They all said Obama should win, except this one girl who was like “McCain should win because he makes better rules and older people are better at writing”.

      And there was this one kid who was like, “The black guy should win the race, because if he was on the road, and you said to fix the road, he’d say ‘I’ll do it on Monday’ and he’d do it on Monday”.

      I don’t get his metaphor, but it makes me want to vote Obama.

    6. Alec Dalek says:

      I hope tomorrow enough Americans are willing to look past all the rhetoric of the culture wars, and simply vote for the candidate that is the most competent. And in the race for president, it’s pretty straight forward.

      So either vote for the guy who’s qualifications are that he was once tortured, or vote for the guy who’s qualifications are that he has ideas.

    7. RSIxidor says:


      I think you got it damn close to exactly correct.

    8. costanza says:

      i have ideas. maybe i should be president, since thats the qualification we’re after.

    9. Dr.Devine says:

      Oh yawn. Fuck the presidents, they never really do much of anything anyways. Who’s ready for some violent revolution eh?

    10. Alec Dalek says:

      @costanza: You have to know how to capitalize the first letter of a sentence, and the word “I”, in order to be president, so no you shouldn’t.

    11. yawn says:

      Hm, I think we can all agree that if McCain looked like *that*, he wouldn’t have made it past the primaries.

      Meanwhile, Obama is looking like Spock more than ever – with a touch of John Edwards.

    12. Special Kail says:

      Obama looks like Chuck Taylor from Chappelle’s Show.

    13. Holy shit that posted fast. Usually I have to wait a week or two. Way to hook it up, Tiki.

    14. njch412 says:

      In this, white barack looks like billy bob thornton on a diet.

    15. outofocus says:

      Not a bad idea but this was poorly realized.

    16. dieAntagonista says:

      This is mad awesome.

    17. tiki god says:

      @Paul_Is_Drunk: only another 48 hours until it’s pointless, so I figured it’d best to get up the polical stuff before the end of days.

    18. yawn says:

      @tiki god: Was my picture submission rejected? 🙁

    19. TheLotusEater725 says:

      Am i the only person on this site that thinks obama sucks just as much as mccain? Y’know without being pigeonholed as a crazy republican because i don’t like the democratic party ( which is pretty much impossible save for the few rational and level headed ones) or agree with them on an issue.

    20. lazlow234 says:

      So white Obama looks a little like Kennedy, and black Mccain looks a lot like Nixon.

      Further solidifying who the better president is

    21. TheLotusEater725 says:

      White obama looks more like Jim Carrey.

    22. outofocus says:

      @thelotuseater725: No, you’re not the only one. The only reason I like Obama better than McCain is because he’s slightly more liberal.

      Neither represents me or my beliefs very well.

    23. TheLotusEater725 says:

      Only person who came close to representing my beliefs was ron paul but he’s attracted too many crazies to be taken seriously.

    24. outofocus says:

      @thelotuseater725: Ron Paul sounded good on the surface but he ended up coming across as a crazy guy to me.

    25. dieAntagonista says:

      @thelotuseater725: Obama is far from being perfect. But I guess it’s safe to say, that he doesn’t suck as much as a guy who voted 90% of the time with bush.

      The two candidates I preferred were Kucinich and Ron Paul. Though I have to say, it wasn’t until later, after Ron left the race that I realised what a grand guy he is. I kind of believed those people who said he was anti black and stuff like that.
      But all in all, I think Ron Paul was the only man who could have satisfied both, democrats and republicans.
      And I actually don’t know what crazies you’re talking about? Couldn’t have been crazier than most McCain supporters.

    26. TheLotusEater725 says:


      One word, 4chan.

      I think most of the negative stuff about ron was bullshit. My one friend kept trying to convince me that he was going to set up a sign that would show how many women in that town had abortions. I mean the guy has a lot of enemies because he was willing to axe some programs that are “vital” ( the DEA for example which rakes in 40 BILLION dollars a year). A guy willing to make the major overhauls he was in favor of never meets a positive reception.

    27. TheLotusEater725 says:

      Also, only thing i like about McCain is that he has a better idea of how to handle our military which considering the shit basket we are in is pretty important. Don’t get me wrong i’m not a warhawk but the future looks bleak as far as peace goes.

    28. frozen_fire says:

      White Obama looks like dave groul from the foo fighters!

    29. Caio says:

      McCain looks pretty gentle and wise as a black man, instead of shifty and decaying as he looks now.

      Man, missed opportunity for him.

    30. stfunow says:

      I’m seeing a Shrek-like image in the white obama with those little ear antler things.

    31. twosticks says:

      I don’t understand people falling at McCain’s feet because he’s a vet. He doesn’t seem to be doing much for other vets, according to this:


    32. cjohnson1 says:

      This is a poster ad that was designed by Grey New York advertising firm. www.grey.com/

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