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A little something my friend in advertising whipped up.

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    This is possibly the most effective and scary advertisement for Obama I have ever seen.


    This is shopped. I can tell by the pixels and the fact that McCain dying of disease or natural causes isn’t actually that high. And I’ve seen a few shops in my day. This is an office, shops usually have stuff to buy and a register with an annoying prick behind it.


    Here’s the interactive version.

    Are you sure it’s your friend’s and not just something he’s taking credit for?




    Drill baby drill.

    The Dude

    Fuck Palin and any other stupid rednecks who vote for her. Just FYI the other is not from Iraq contrary to what some idiots out there think. Do I think Obama is the right guy? HELL NO. But he is not half as dumb as the alaskan broad or the speckled old man


    Where are the mounted moose heads, rifle racks, crucifixes/Jesus paraphernalia, and all the magazines and newspapers she reads?


    flintlocke: In her bible.



    So, as long as you’re not a redneck, it’s ok to vote for Palin?


    Anyway, Mosh, continue being a narrow-minded bigot that can only use insults to communicate.


    Anyone else think she looks like a fucking fembot in this pic? Empty soulless eyes….brrrr….


    You know…it almost looks like she “belongs” there.

    : Oh and by the way, I am a redneck and will vote McCain/Palin so neener neener fag.


    I think people know he’s not a Muslim or whatever. They’re just afraid. A black man with a foreign name as the president? Naw, we can’t have that.
    From what I’ve seen, Bush has done a good job right.
    People are scared shitless because of what he told them. Which is funny, because a lot of McCain supporters think Bush is/was a good president. Yet that man exchanged probably more dead body cells with “terrorists”, or should I say “dirty Arabs”, than Obama will in his entire life.



    So… why is it that only Probama people bring up race? In fact, that’s been the only place I’ve been hearing it, up until those people got nailed at a McCain rally a few days back, and it turned out they were paid by Community Organizers to go cause problems at McPalin rallies. .


    AbNo: Because McCain supporters know Obama wouldn’t be a bad president because of the colour of his skin.
    So instead they dress little plush monkeys up with Obama shirts and yell, “Barack Hussein Obama, boo!”



    That and the unknown factor. People fear Obama because he brings to the table a great unknown. Obama has not been around long enough for people to have a gauge on him, and that scares people. His limited voting record in the Senate is very liberal, but contradicts his message. He is very good at telling people what they want to hear, but the public has grown wary of trusting what any politician says. If he holds his lead until election day, I only hope he delivers on what he says. I like much of what he says, but as a voter, I have to look at what he has done. That’s why I won’t vote for him. At least with McCain I know what I am getting. A staunch defender of my country who will not take away my right to put a cap in some cock sucker trying to steal my TV at three in the morning.


    nom nom?


    the3g_ipwn: That’s probably the best argument I’ve heard from any McCain supporter so far.
    Yes Obama made a lot of promises, and I doubt too that he would be able to keep all of them. But on the other hand, if you look at what kind of life Obama leads as compared to John?
    And John has contradicted himself countless times as well, so I don’t know how you can ignore that just because he has been around longer.
    And so you aren’t afraid that John dies, and you will be forced to call Sarah, Mrs. president?

    Truth is, there are only very very few McCain supporters who support him because they’ve looked at what Obama wants to do and have been critical about him and his message.


    Paul_Is_Drunk :

    I’ll tell you the truth. I’m a little confused by your tactics. Yeah, I’m gonna keep acting tough until I figure it out.



    What can I say? I’m a conservative Democrat(if there can be such a thing). If McCain gets in a bind, he will turn to his party for advice. I am much more comfortable with that idea than Obama turning to his. I’m a Democrat, but I don’t think the party leaders represent me. They seem much more concerned with helping people who have no interest in helping themselves than helping the struggling people who actually try to contribute to society.


    Where is the Stuffed Bear??


    I’m more interested in a stuffed beaver.


    Paul_Is_Drunk: I love the giant post-it note w/ possible kiddie names.


    Sure there is such a thing. I guess I’m some kind of conservative democrat as well.
    I see. Well if you really think McCain won’t make things worse. To me, the risks are much too great. He could die and Mrs. Maverick would turn everything into living hell, or he’ll start another 2 wars, now with the whole economy bullshit and as he himself said, he still needs to be educated, etc.

    But I think if all the people who don’t vote for Obama because they’re scared/brainwashed, were to wake up, Obama would win.


    When did the oval office go to an open face desk? Or did all of Washington DC have to go to that style desk for the health and safety of interns? on a serious note: I honestly don’t see too much a difference in the promises of either side. Past politicians have made all kinds of claims, but unless they get full backing from house and senate, promises are empty. My voting focus is going to be more on who my congressman and senator are. Thats where the “change” can happen.Where I have a lot more information and personal observation/interaction of the people running.



    Isn’t it weired that we think that people who don’t share our oppinion are some how uneducated. I am guilty of it from time to time as well. You want to know what really gets me though? It would appear as though both you and I have researched the same facts, formed two opposite oppinions, and will cast our ballots in favor of two vastly different leaders for two vastly different reasons. I’m o.k. with that. It’s the fact that this election will not be decided by informed voters, rather those who have not done the research. Those are the truly ignorant people. Those who form their oppinion based on what their friends think, or merely what they get from the highly polarized news services that pisses me off.


    SumoSnipe also raises a good point.


    the3g_ipwn: &dieAntagonista:
    I would also define myself as a conservative democrat (social liberal, financial conservative, small gov’t, non-judgmental on people’s lifestyle). Back in January/February I would have said that I would be ok w/ Clinton, McCain or Obama. Clinton’s out and McCain seems to have aged 20 years in 6 months and no longer seems sure about…anything. He’s walking around like a confused grumpy old man. For me, that leaves Obama.


    SumoSnipe: Often people will purposely vote in opposites to the House from whatever President they’re voting for. I think people like to keep the legislative and executive branches from agreeing too much w/ one another.


    Checks and balances are essential to our
    democracy. Else it’s just another dictatorship.

    I think McCain truly belives in his message and is confused why Obama is still leading.

    I think Obama truly believes that his message will confuse the voters.

    A subtle difference I know.


    You guys realize that the reason the economy sucks, that there are no jobs, and that everyone is being foreclosed on are all direct results of Bush/Republican policies, right? Obama is not my favorite pick (I am a die hard Hilary supporter), but I truly can’t understand why anyone would choose to continue all these problems by voting McCain.


    the3g_ipwn: Oh yeah I agree with you. Totally.
    See, this was really unexpected. It’s true, people are mostly too arrogant, including myself, to consider that others may have different priorities. And the whole unnecessary drama created by the media doesn’t help either.

    I too, have only a problem with people who know nothing about the person they want to lead their country.

    nyokki: Ah another one. Yeah it’s funny, back then I also thought McCain seemed pretty decent. And it does seem like he got older, and since he chose Palin – it was the end for me. Considering all candidates, I was in favor of Kucinich and Ron Paul.


    SouthernOracle<—–Example of uninformed voter.

    “You guys realize that the reason the economy sucks, that there are no jobs, and that everyone is being foreclosed on are all direct results of Bush/Republican policies, right?”

    The problem with the housing market is the result of a direct involvement by ALL GOVERNMENT. Government has driven up the valuation of personal property for tax gain to make up for government over spending. You borrowed 200K for a house that was only worth 70K when you only needed a house worth 50K. You were allowed to borrow money because lenders were presured by government to lax lending policies. So now you have a 200K Mortgage that you are not qualified for and cannot pay for. The Lender has to repo your house that you borrowed 200K for which is only worth 70K. The lender has to eat the extra 130K. That’s why the housing market is in the tank. Government needs to get out of the mix. Not just Bush.


    Admittedly the war brought on some economic burden to the country, everyone says that. They give us huge numbers and point fingers, but never stop to look how much we spend on other branches. People blame Bush for a war Clinton openly said we should go into before Bush was ever elected, People complain about Bush economics when people said it was going to happen almost a decade ago because of Government giving out loans for houses that were worth half the loan to people they knew couldn’t ever pay for the loan.

    People blame Wall street, a completely autonomous part of the economy on a capitalist system that reduces them to “Greedy” people “stealing” money even though most of the “Greedy” people are regular Joes who own a couple stocks risking their own money in investment which pay them back with their “Gigantastic” 2% profit on a weakened dollar which they give back to the people who own the stocks which give back for them to invest in company activies, thus not being rich capitalist pigs (Because its totally true).

    And they fail to see the Congress as a major culprit into why we are failing so hard, blaming it all on the damn Executive branch and failing to see its major achievements in Foreign policy in its 2nd term (I.E: We’re not in nuclear Warfare with A) Russia B) Korea (Hey aren’t they out of the axis of “evil”?) and we’re slowly opening Iran and creating a damn new Iraq which might actually be good for their people (Remember when valor and solidarity used to be a good thing?), and people call these people out. Condolesa Rice is a remarkable politician and we fail to even recognize her, and point fingers and call out on how “racist” our president is. No seriously we do that. We have people calling out for change when it would only cause trouble, instead of the status quo for most part. We don’t need an overhaul, we need a fix of the quo.

    We have a divided nation with Republican only to serve republicans and Democrats only to serve Dems, we don’t have any one vying to serve America, and we have quite possibly the worst candidates to run since the 1800s. People call out on how McCain always goes back on his own word but ignore the fact that Obama’s voting record contradicts all he says, thus making him an equal, and people call McCain a defender of America, completely ignoring the fact that he him self called to pass a law that would deny Americans some constitutional Laws, while Obama supports complete bans of Firearms, another constitutional right.

    Both call out on each other about lack of Economic understanding but when both speak the general IQ of everyone in the planet goes down by a point for obvious lack of intelligence. This is the low point America reached. It’s not about policies or even values, no. It’s about self interest and who has the most appealing facade, empty shells that make a lot of big talk that doesn’t actually mean anything (Literally, look at some of their speeches, they talk for 5 minutes and they said “We must reinvigorate the economy with my plan!” So um… whats the plan? Another 5 minutes of just saying we must use their plan without… well anything).

    In fact we’re so low our people are making movies and shows about just how bad the president is, but ignore anything he actually did and simply call on his tackyness and a war that despite whoever won, we knew we would go into, we call on him cheating on the election when we now know if Gore got it his way (Only counting the counties HE KNEW he had an advantage on instead of the whole state) Bush would have won (although in a twist, if Bush got what HE wanted to do he would’ve lost. So i guess Gore got what he deserved). We blame him for Katrina despite knowing he called for them to send relief efforts and buses into Louisiana and New Orleans and the governor said no because she didn’t want the state to Panic (Translate that into Bush hates black people, no seriously it makes perfect fucking sense right?).

    Truth is, both candidates suck. They suck ass. They should die. Bush makes a 10000000000000000000x better president then Obama and Palin will ever make (I’m fucking scared of the bitch, seriously). For McCain, he’s past his prime, he made a bad decision (Palin… again) just to try winning the race, lost my respect, and lost my vote. Yes, I’m voting Obama, in the hopes someone does kill him and at least we get Biden (Coin slot eyes!) Because we know he’s not a fucking lunatic at least.

    TL;DR. But i had to vent.


    I see what you did there.


    Who do you think would be a good candidate? Just curious who you guys would choose without being restricted to the two we have now.


    Joe the plumber.


    the3g_ipwn: Your misunderstanding of the situation is so grave you should just shut the fuck up already, and stop hurting my brain with your retard allegations that this is somehow the fault of the democratic party, and not greedy mother fuckers who choose to get rich fast on an economy based on credit, instead of a real economy based on production.

    You, Sir, Fail.


    No one is gonna read that all the way Ipwn it was a waste of effort.

    At this point everyone has made up their mind, knows all they need to know about the candidates and is waiting for Voting day.

    Nothing left to talk about.



    He’d get my vote.


    Caio: I read Thrella’s post all the way through; the3g_ipwn’s post was relatively short by comparison.


    Woah I thought those were both Ipwn posts. Oh well who cares?


    Caio: There were definite similarities.


    angrymatt: “greedy mother fuckers who choose to get rich fast on an economy based on credit, instead of a real economy based on production.”


    At any rate, I don’t think Palin will be veep for long if McCain wins. She was just a shiny treat to woo a fragment of voters. After the election, she’s (even more) useless and almost dangerous.


    vanvelding: How do you propose getting rid of her? As far as I know a VP has to resign or be impeached, s/he can’t be “fired”.


    Honestly? I want Bill Richardson in the white house in some capacity. He has the experience on the international front (the North Koreans came to see him before going to D.C.) and in executive and legislative branches. Yeah we call him Emperor Bill around here but he gets shit done.


    <Thrella: Damn, Thrella, feel good after that rant? 😀


    nyokki: “What, would you say, is the easiest way to get a weapon away from a Grammaton Cleric?”

    Does it have to be any harder or more complicated than that?



    Your misunderstanding of my comment is what is retarded nutsac. I never said Democrat or Republican. I said all government. I even put it in big letters for fucktards like you. Jesusgoddamnmotherfuckingchrist! You bunch of close minded sonsabitches. Tell you what, why don’t you just tell me what you want to hear and I’ll post that.


    Since it was brought up, let’s talk about greed. I think it is interesting that people always seem to associate wealth with greed. I look at it like this: There can only be so much wealth in the world. For any individual to gain wealth, someone else has to lose wealth. Maybe the wealthy are greedy, and maybe the poor should exercise a little more restraint in their spending. Maybe you shouldn’t purchase $8000 wheels to put on a car you bought for second hand for $3500. Maybe you should have settled for a smaller house rather than one you neither need nor can afford. I find it amazing that in less than 10 years, a starter home has gone from a 2 bedroom, 1000 sq. ft. modest house to 4 bedroom 3500 sq. ft. house. Now, is it the lender just being greedy, tricking people into loans they can’t afford? Is the consumer the greedy one, attempting to live beyond his/her means? I personally don’t think the blame lies solely with lending industry. I know what I can afford, and no amount of double talk and fine print can make me believe I can afford more. I would hold myself responsible if I chose to live beyond my means.

    All this talk about “spreading the wealth” makes me sick. It is a fundamental difference I hold with the leaders of the Democratic party. The idea that giving someone, for free, something they did not earn, by taking it away from someone who did is going to solve either of their problems is simply retarded. It only creates dependency while dismissing personal responsibility. It is handy to think that the wealthy of the world came through the window like a cracked out Tooth Fairy and stole all of our money while we slept. That’s handy indeed. It gives me someone to blame. It completely ignores the truth of things, however. The truth that the wealthy got that way by bettering theirselves, little by little, generation by generation. Meanwhile the poor have gotten that way by doing nothing. Accepting their social stature as the ceiling and not the floor. Constantly handing over their money, land and freedom to anyone willing to take it.

    Those are the extremes of the spectrum of wealth. Most of us lie somewhere in the middle. The middle is where transition of social stature takes place. Some of us are on the way up, standing on the backs of our parents who worked their entire lives so that their children can have life a little better than they had it. That’s the sweet side of the story. The other side, the side we choose to write off, is that for us to make this upward transition, someone else has to be on the downward spiral. One can say that the decline is a result of the greed of those of us on the incline. The truth of the matter, however, is that the ones losing wealth are the ones most willing to part with it. It has been said that if we were to redistribute all of the worlds wealth evenly among the population, in ten years time, The poor would be poor again and the same people who were wealthy whould be wealthy again.


    Sorry about the rant. I know the only ones who will bother to read it are those who will only attemp to disect it to find some minor miss speak and ignore the point entirely. Honestly, I shouldn’t even be awake yet so I’m sure you can find much to argue.

    Alec Dalek

    the3g_ipwn & Thrella lose the thread. If you can’t say it in a few lines of text, then you don’t have anything to say.


    – I am far from uninformed. I have followed this and every election closely since I turned 18 and had the honor of voting for Bill Clinton in 1996. I also live in Palm Beach County, FL, arguably the epicenter of the voting world in 2004. Bush’s re-election was a mistake that only happened because his brother was our governor. I believe that the US would not be in such dire straits now if Bush hadn’t been allowed a free pass to eliminate environmental regulations, promote oil consumption and embroil us in this ridiculous war/vendetta against his father’s enemy.

    – Palin terrifies me too, she should terrify anyboody with a brain. Most candidates at least pay lip service to being moderate. She is so far right on the nutty right-wing scale that she is more puritanical than the Puritans.



    No, that was good, you were completely right on.


    Hey, I was in South Florida in 2004. I kept getting asked if I wanted to be paid to protest W.


    The thought of President Palin is just too horrifying to contemplate. It makes the old ‘President Quayle’ fear from a while back seem positively rose-tinted.

    Just say NO to gun-toting environment-hating womens-rights-removing religious nut-jobs in the White House.



    Damn, Svart, hatred much?

    This must be the kind, caring liberalism I hear so much about.


    It’s not so much hatred as a bald statement of fact; she IS a gun-toting environment-hating womens-rights-removing religious nut-job*, and as such is unfit to be anywhere near a position of power. Separation of church and state, and all that; you can bet your ass with someone like Palin in the driving seat there’d be a lot more church forced on the state. If my tinfoil hat were anywhere nearby, I’d say the extreme right-wing fundamentalist lobby have chosen McCain as the delivery system for their preferred religious fascist.

    If I lived in the US, I’d vote Obama as the lesser of two evils; I’d never be naive enough to think he’d suddenly usher in a new age of peace and plenty for all, but the alternative is deeply scary. After eight years of the most inept, divisive and blatantly criminal President the US has ever seen, it really IS time for at least SOME change; Bush has made the US the most widely-hated nation on Earth, making himself a planet-wise laughing stock in the process, and anything’s better than four more years of that regime.

    * oh wait, I forgot to add ‘officially power-abusing’


    planet-WIDE laughing stock, even. It’s too early in the morning and I need more coffee 😀



    Let’s see…

    Gun-toting: So? I go to the range a lot, and I teach people how to shoot.

    Environment-hating: Apparently, she doesn’t need to breath or drink.

    Womens-rights-removing: Seems self defeating, really.

    Religious nut-job: So, you’re a bigot intolerant of other people’s religion, and you feel the need to belittle others for their beliefs. You’re probably also one of the people that said “It doesn’t matter if Obama was a Muslim!”, too.

    I’m a Discordian nut-job, will you hate me for my religion, too?

    Officially power-abusing: I take it you mean for firing that guy that wouldn’t fire a dirty cop that was drinking on the job, drunk drinking in his patrol car, poaching animals, threatening to kill his own father in law, beating his wife, and threatening to kill his father-in-law.

    If none of THAT falls under your criteria for why a state trooper (of all people!) should lose his job, well, I know a guy in Chicago that might let you start a Senatorial campaign in his house.

    In the mean time, have fun being hateful, ya bigot. 😀

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