Cheshire, Ohio

grave digger.jpg (123 KB)

Photographed by Jim Korpi

About the Photograph:
Dave Stanley has been digging graves at the Gravel Hill Cemetery in Cheshire, Ohio, for the past year. He was laid off from the Community Action Center and was asked to take the cemetery job. The town of Cheshire has been bought out by the Gavin Power Plant. Some older community members will stay until their end. Stanley says once the older folks die off in the town the cemetery will die with them. This photograph is part “Coal and Consequences”, Jim’s long term personal project about coal and it’s effects on the environment, people and communities.
From Verve Photo

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    i hate those ribbons- i hate ribbons. so tacky-
    “he won’t wear the ribbon!” thats me.


    Maybe they should all turn gay and get a job at the flower shop. Seems to be highly profitable from what I see here.