Do Not Hump

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Why not?

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    Its the man just trying to get us down.


    public copulation is a fairly widespread problem around metal scaffolding of any kind. I lost my virginity on a high rise girder.


    Kinda hard to hump in that position.


    your mom. . . sorry one of those nights. . .


    This is a rail car of some type.


    Ah, the inevitable railroad jokes. Humping, in railroad terminology, means (if I recall correctly) pushing cars onto a hill where they are uncoupled one by one, then they roll into the proper sidings directed by a switchman. It’s faster than “manually” sorting them, but the disadvantage is that it’s tougher on the cars and their loads. Some fragile loads, or cars that might be heavy enough to cause damage with their impact, are labelled “do not hump” for this reason.


    @ SovietCommissar
    I actually worked with railroad cars for a couple years and recognized the pic as a railroad car. I didn’t work with a railroad company and I had never heard of the term “humping” before I read your reply. Funny term however!