Aidan “Brute!” Hughes Art

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KMFDM – Brimborium Cover Artwork

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    I remember hearing some of them on YouTube off of the BlankTV channel, but listening to this stuff now that I’m into this set more, it’s freakin’ awesome! 😀


    KMFDM is just at the surface of tons of really great music. They’re like a gateway band.


    Getaway band or not, they rule. Suck. Or rule. Or whatever.


    KMFDM, to me, is main stream industrial. I can’t say that I’ve ever given their lyrics a close listen but they do have a couple of songs that are great to drive to and dance to.

    If starting from KMFDM, I recommend Front Line Assembly’s album “Millennium” first up. It’s older but I think some of the older industrial is easier to digest than some of the newer stuff (it depends on who you listen to I guess).

    One of my faves is Decoded Feedback which I don’t usually suggest to people until people have gotten a bit more into it. I think their music is superb and gives a glimpse into what industrial can be.

    There are some industrial groups who are super hard, super abrasive… I’m not too into those. Take it a 1/2 notch down and you’ve got Hocico and Suicide Commando, older Leather Strip (before he got married and turned into a wuss), Aslan Faction, etc etc etc. Their music borders on techno sometimes but the vocals are distorted.

    Decoded Feedback takes the music quality up a notch from those groups. Keeps the distorted vocals but has some intense synths.

    I can go for days about music… it’s one of my happy things so I’ll just link to my profile where you can find names in case you’re curious.


    These guys have extreme longevity as well. I was watching them in a club in Houston over 10 years ago. They haven’t lost whatever it is that makes them sound bad-ass.

    Alec Dalek

    I grew up listening to their earlier work, and it was great. But the KMFDM material that they’ve put out since they’re “final album”, Adios, has been shit.

    I laughed my head off years ago when they were blaming Marilyn Manson (rather than the parents) for Columbine, and it was revealed that they HATED Manson, and were actually fans of KMFDM. LOL!


    I haven’t really been into KMFDM since the post-ADIOS stuff… some of it’s pretty good, but all in all it’s pretty repetitive now. However, their NAÏVE through NIHIL era still gives me serious wood.

    I got to see ’em live in 1994 during the ANGST tour… Chemlab and Sister Machine Gun opened for them. One of the best concerts in my life.


    I saw KMFDM play a club in Nürnberg in 2005. It was good shit. The girl did more singing than I remember – and she was muscled up, yet still good looking. Very odd, but it was a good show.

    If you like KMFDM, you probably like NIN, Front Line Assembly, Noise Unit, Front242, and (shocker) MDFMK. All good stuff and various shades of industrial.

    It’s what I would be listening to as I drove up to a college with a duffel bag full of automatic weapons and bad intentions.


    ack – Nice way to label the genre for those unfamiliar with it. *rolls eyes*

    Alec Dalek

    Their “Symbols” album was the best thing they ever did post-NIHIL.


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