Golden Gate Bridge – refracted

GGB_reflection_in_raindrops.jpg (515 KB)

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California, as refracted through rain drops on the window of an automobile, which act as lenses. In optics, refraction occurs when light waves travel from a medium with a given refractive index to a medium with another, whereupon the wave’s phase velocity is altered, causing the wave to change direction; its wavelength increases or decreases but its frequency remains constant.

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    Beautiful!!! San Fran gets a lot of rain. The Golden Gate is a sight to behold.


    San Fransisco only gets a lot of rain if you are comparing it to L.A.

    I admit that I take the Golden Gate Bridge completely for granted. I’m okay with that.


    It’s a nice bridge to walk across. At one end is a beautiful park/former military base. At the other is fuck all but it’s cool.

    On a foggy day there is a literal wall of fog halfway between SF and Marin. You can see it, as if it were a solid object. It literally just stops halfway in between.


    That’s when I like the bridge the most, when there is fog. I love it when only the top of the bridge shows.

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