80’s Fashion

Orange_County_1984.jpg (114 KB)

Only LSD and crack can make this seem fashionable.

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    Does that guy’s jacket say “so cash”?

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Hammer-pants were comfy. It was like wearing your pajamas to school.


    Guessing it says “SoCal”, like the logo at the bottom of the pic.


    Good thing i was never into popular fashion…


    I had a pair like the chick on the far right… I was like 6, but I thought it was cool.

    *prepares to get hit*


    Damn! Zubaz! That was a crap fad circa 1990. I believe some of the ‘tards in the band EMF wore them. “Unbelievable” indeed…

    Hammer pants had a lower crotch and were out of fashion by the time Zubaz were being marketed.

    True 80’s fashion was parachute pants with lots of zippers. I had 2 pair and fortunately no pictures of me in them – thus proving that there is a God.


    if you wanted to wear pajamas to school, then wear pajamas. I’ve gone to class in pajama pants before and no one said a word. If i went in those i woulda got beat up.


    Those pants are funny. They were funny when they were the in thing. I never stopped wearing jeans.


    Jeans and a t-shirt, that was my school uniform.

    On good days the shirt had no blood on it when I got home… and there were very few good days.


    I told my mom the bruises were from wrestling with “friends”. Sometimes that was actually true.


    I am embarrassed to say I did own a pair of those and did, in fact, wear them to college. They were comfy but that just not an excuse.


    this was middle school for me


    My family was too poor to afford these when I was growing up. Thank goodness.

    But we had stirrup pants. Oh god did we have fucking stirrup pants.


    The 80’s are a blip in my memory. Thank goodness! I was an 80’s child.


    Only LSD and crack can make this seem fashionable.

    That’s because everybody in the 80’s were on LSD and crack.


    BDU`s for the wanker set.


    Or if you were on Saved by the Bell.

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