30 years of smoking indoors

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    I was going to recommend a rigorous scrub and a few fresh coats of paint. But you’d probably be better gutting the place and putting up all new drywall. Also, get the vents thoroughly cleaned.

    tiki god

    considering how sticky that shit gets, I’d suggest just ripping out the duct work too, it would be quicker and safer


    Yeah, our first place was so bad in places from the previous owner we had to replace electrical outlets because they were gummed up with tar and nicotine film. Even after all that you’d get a whiff of that smell when you turned the AC or heat on for the first time in a season. That didn’t go away until after we replaced the main duct. We did that because it was leaking pretty badly and heating/cooling a room no one was ever using.


    I bet that place has a pleasant smell to it.

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