Two things to do in Alaska

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Fishing and the governor’s daughter

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    I’d Hit It

    The chick, not the fisherman.


    I find it odd that the same people who think that Palin’s daughter is wrong for being a prego, unwed 17 tnne year old teen, vigorously support Senatoe Obama. The child of a prego, unwed 17 year old teen. Define Irony for me if you will.


    Obama isn’t his own grandpa.

    There’s a difference between being from conditions and creating conditions.


    The issue at hand is abstinence only education, and the very obvious fuck up that it is. No one is holding it against the girl, they’re taking issue with her mother and her mother’s failed policy on sex education.


    I agree that it is a failed policy. I also think it is futile to make a stand based on a policy that has a snowballs chance in hell of becoming a reality. It is the equivalent of teaching sex ed with out discussing abstinence.

    Billions of people lives with circumstance. Some overcome, some hide behind it and use it as a crutch. That is the real difference.


    Can you imagine what the Republicans would be saying if it was Obama who had a 17-year-old daughter that got pregnant before marriage?

    Compare that to what they do say about this chick, and I’ll call *that* irony.


    How is supporting Obama comparable to the fucking of that chick?

    People really do fabricate whatever logic supports their argument.


    “People really do fabricate whatever logic supports their argument.”

    I believe that is called politics.


    “ANCHORAGE, Alaska (CNN) — Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s hometown required women to pay for their own rape examinations while she was mayor, a practice her police chief fought to keep as late as 2000.”

    The woman’s a fucking cunt. There’s overwhelming evidence thereto. If the dirty old men in the Republican party could pick up their jaws and stop wishing they could still get erections so they could fuck prostitutes thinking of her, then they’d see it too. She’s a heartless, crazy bitch.


    Why shouldn’t women have to pay for their own rape examinations? Someone broke into my house and stole my television. I had to pay just to file a complaint. And I still don’t know who stole my TV. On top of all that, I had to pay $2000 for another TV because I don’t have renters insurance. You bitches wanted to be equal, well come and fucking get you some of equal!

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “Why shouldn’t women have to pay for their own rape examinations?”
    Because it creates a disincentive to report crimes, which in turn endangers society at large. We pay taxes so that the police can gather evidence to investigate crimes. In a rape case, a medical examination is part of the evidence and part of the investigation.
    “I had to pay just to file a complaint.”
    I call bullshit.
    “I had to pay $2000 for another TV because I don’t have renters insurance.”
    You’re renting and have a $2000 dollar TV? With every post you find some new way to prove yourself to be retarded. You’re like the Magellan of fail.


    I don’t think we should have to pay to report any crime either, but if I have to pay to report a home burglary, the fuckit. You have to pay to report a rape. That’s equal bitches. You wanted it, you got it.

    What’s wrong with renting? Seriously. In a housing market where you pay $200,000 for a house built for $40,000, only to find out that it’s only worth $60,000. I have a $2000 TV because I wanted one. The same reason I have a $32,000 truck. I could have bought a $10,000 fag wagon, or I could have bought a $60,000 dollar sports car. I have the truck because I wanted it and could afford it.




    Burglary is one thing, rape, like murder, assault, kidnapping, etc…is another. I have no idea why you would be charged to report a burglary, but I doubt any police in the U.S. or any civilized society would charge someone money to report a violent criminal offense.

    Jesus Christ

    the3g_ipwn – Because men don’t get raped either. WONDERFUL LOGIC. LOL.

    Ah, fuck. I just got trolled, didn’t I?

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