Sleep Positions

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    Ok I get it, only prostitutes and senators have sex. Which means, unless your mom is a prostitute and your father a senator, you’re adopted.


    I lol’d.


    they spelled boogey man wrong. i’m totally pissed. >:-(


    Or maybe everyone who isn’t a prostitute or senator is sleeping next to their loved ones instead of on top, therefore making it impossible to see the second person in a profile view?


    Even if everyone who isn’t a prostitute or a senator is sleeping next to their loved ones instead of on top, they still wouldn’t be having sex, now would they?

    And I just realised that would also mean, Adam=Senator, Eve=Prostitute

    No wonder the story as we know it makes no sense.


    I don’t know about you Antagonista, but I don’t know of anyone who has sex while sleeping. Take note of the title of the post, “Sleeping Positions”


    Alright. Now THAT would mean, that prostitutes and senators never sleep. Only have sex. There’s still a high chance that everyone you know has been produced by prostitutes and senators!

    I stick by it. It’s not everyday that I’m having a revelation.


    If they never sleep, they wouldn’t be on a poster of sleeping positions now would they? They bumped uglies, then fell asleep on top/below their counterparts. That’s the only logical solution.

    But who cares, it’s funny, and that’s all that matters.


    I can’t believe we’re discussing this.
    But you do seem to know more about prostitutes and senators than me, so… thanks for ruining my irrational daydream.


    Well I know more about prostitutes at least.

    *goes to cry in the corner*


    They spelled “veterinarian” wrong.

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