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    ??? I’ve never seen anything like this, of course, I’ve only skied in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.


    This is in China. It’s the Sunday morning beginner’s class.

    It was a slow day.


    Might just be the Vasa-lopet, north in Sweden, across Finland. I think.


    Actually it’s the start of Whacking Day in Wasilla AK. Downright civilized place, that Wasilla.


    Does anyone think this looks like fun? It reminds me of the beaches you see where all you can see is people and assume it’s sand under them all.


    It’s just what they’re used to. I for one couldn’t fucking stand all those people in my space.


    Most likely, this isn’t Vasaloppet, since more or less all of the skiers are using skate style. Vasaloppet is a classic style competition, disregarding “Öppet spÃ¥r” (Free translation: Open track) which is non-competitive and has one or a few skatetracks.

    And btw, Vasaloppet doesn’t go over to Finland, it is 90k long and runs from Sälen to Mora.

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