He Man Cast

He Man Cast

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    This does not even remotely resemble the cartoon I grew up watching. Of course, that was way back in 1982. Way befor CGI and Pixar.


    This is from the more recent version, which I consider far superior. Unless you’re trying to laugh your ass off, then I’d go with the original, because man, that shit is funny now. The main thing the old one’s got on the new is, of course, HORDAK.


    Holy Shit! There is a remake?..You must tell me where to find it!


    The old one was an excuse to selling the toys, after seeing how successful it was they just kept doing it.

    I have the live action movie, it’s full of lulz. Oh and Courtney Cox.

    bright green

    I don’t see SKELETORRRRR in that picture.

    Am I missing something? or can I just not see him?


    You’re missing the fact this just portrays the “good” guys. I like Ram Man’s updated look.


    Liefeld inspired, note the lack of feet.


    I can clearly see Battle Cats feet.


    You can also see the Sorceress of Grayskull’s feet.

    and that is the most bullshit Castle Greskull i have ever seen. really, an inverted cross for a window?


    What’s up with Battle Cat’s new pussy armor. The old shit was huge. Much moar awesomer.


    Yeah really, the old BattleCat was cooler… The claws are good though…


    I’d hit the Sorceress like no one ever hit her before.

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