Lego Mechs

Lego Mechs

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    Sweet Christ that is awesome!


    I always admired people with the patience to play with LEGOS.


    R.I.P. MechWarrior
    MadCat, Bushwacker, ShadowCat. Probably.
    I think I’m gonna reinstall MW 4:Mercenaries.


    Already had MW4 on my comp, great games.


    Madcat, Thor and Mad Dog. Of, if you prefer their Clan-designations: Timberwolf, Summoner and Vulture.


    If Lego made it, I ended up buying it for my son. I’m betting I’ve spent thousands on them and still have every one of ’em in storage in the attic.


    They made it so the transformation is more of a mutant cat with minimal armor, rather than the same cat with a layer of green spray and utterly lame metal thingies.


    Ah fuck, wrong pic.

    Anyway that was an awesome show, what was the name of it? I remember the 3-D rendered fights, and owning at least 2 mech toys, the pilots were tiny.


    There is so much win in this picture I don’t even know where to begin.


    That… is amazing. Where can I get the plans for those?

    Daywatch is an awesome source for Battletech Lego Models. The designer not only has a nicely illustrated site, but provides the CAD files to assist in building them.


    I normally don’t spend to much time playing computers, but MW4 was awesome, to the point I actually finished it and the expansions. My wife is still pissed about all the time I spent playing it, and it’s been years since.


    Y’know the video games have all turned into MechAssault, but they still make plenty o’ books and pen and paper games with the universe.

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