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Desktop manual

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    Lol’d the “haha windows user” bit.


    I don’t agree with the “crap you don’t need” title, I regularly use icons in the system tray, most often the Bluetooth icon, and occasionally my BitDefender for game mode (its alright)


    I use about three of the icons in my system tray, out of about fifteen that frequently appear in there.


    Oooh, Ben1605 needs to run a startup config….
    and I have my taskbar up on the side. That’s how I was exempt from the windows comment.


    Yeah I need to stop so many things opening at start up, but I just can never be bothered. ^^

    Even when I’ve closed the things I don’t want to be there, I still have eleven icons 😛

    I use the programs that they refer to, but not the icons so much.

    Alec Dalek

    Could be worse: at least Windows isn’t boring, sterile and monotonous, like some OS’s.



    I have 4 icons. LAN, Audio, Mcafee, and a reminder to install XP SP3. By the way, has anyone tried sp3 yet? I want an oppinion before I blindly install it.


    SP3 makes little impact on XP operations,
    though i’ve moved to Vista ultimate, and have little to complain about.

    bright green

    I use the ‘crap I don’t need’ constantly, in fact without it I would have to do everything the long way round.


    : You don’t have to manually close them to get rid of them… Type “msconfig” in run, and go to the start up tab. Un-check anything you don’t want starting when you boot. Don’t know what something is? just google it.


    I have sp3 on my old laptop. Admittedly I don’t use it much but from what I can tell there’s not much of a difference. It’s probably just some bug fixes and such.



    I already knew that, but thanks. Just never got around to it because I’m a lazy fucker.


    Phail desktop manual is Phail.

    I have nothing on my desktop (apart from the wallpaper) and only the crap I do need down there. Thank you very much.

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