How not to fail at life

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    The Hashishin

    wow, that was actually pretty insightful. im off to get a girl who will take it in the pooper!


    This is something that should be taught in high schools.




    ITT: Truth




    As a female I concur…mostly. Sometimes the bad boy outsider gets him some.



    That is the definition of epic


    Best thing I’ve read all day!


    @guidis & Karatiz

    Oh, the irony.



    Sometimes? Always. Still, I’ve always used this as a good start for many of the “Aspergers” that haunt the *chans.


    The “Bad Boy Outsider” is also an alpha male. Buh.

    Also the continually sucking up to women by buying them overpriced meaningless gifts: Not a valid way to generate attraction. Infact, that’s like pretty much the opposite way to get a woman to like you. It’s a good way to get her to think you’re a “Nice guy”, but Jerks get all the women because Nice Guys are safe and boring.

    See Outsider Bad Boy comment.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    A lot of truth to that. Only thing I strongly disagree with is the cost of $200 to $400. Spending $20 to $40 on something that is actually thoughtful and relevant is a lot more effective.


    Hey kids! wanna be grownups? Then don’t do anything that makes you feel good, like playing, having fun with friends and just fooling around, be a corporate drone, and get a needy and material, empty girl that will have sex with you for clothes and jewelry!


    Yea, this is all good and fine if you want to continue living in this endless cycle of hatred and fear.

    The only way to escape it is to realize that people are actually supposed to love. Although we are designed to find other’s flaws, love will accept and ignore them. Pure and unconditional love. Godly Love.

    Love or Fear, these are the only choices.


    I don’t know what you all are whining about, I actually found this quite educational…

    purple banana

    LMAO@4. I can’t stand when people “self-diagnose” or get diagnosed and think it’s an excuse to just act like a dick and hole up. I am a female with Asperger’s, and contrary to majority of those on the internets, I was diagnosed when I was 7. I hold a full-time job, go to school full-time, and socialize with friends frequently. It just took me a lot of work to do it, but I did it. I love these images, haha!

    The Lawnmower

    What the fuck is this shit?

    I mean, obviously sitting in your room all day isn’t going to help you meet women and just keep you perpetual misery, but that’s fucking obvious, and the rest of it is just plain wrong.

    I mean buying a chick a $200-400 present, and if it doesn’t work, ‘just move on to the next chick’?

    That’s you advice on how to get a girlfriend?
    That is THE worst advice I have ever heard.

    Who ever wrote this doesn’t know anything.

    If you actually found this educational, for the love of God, disregard everything after step 4. Seriously.

    The Lawnmower

    Step 8 is also pretty good.

    But the advice on how to deal with women is REALLY BAD.


    Although the shit may in fact have been so cash, this prompted me to renew my resolution NEVER to get into WoW.




    Fuck these pictures.

    I, personally, don’t give girls shit.

    Fuck them. If I’m going to pay for pussy, it’s going to be a model looking prostitute that will do ANYTHING I want and has a body you will never find anywhere else.


    Not on the $10 p/h you make working at the movie concession stand.


    Hey I could blow my last $100 I have right now and get laid if I wanted to.


    $100 for

    a model looking prostitute that will do ANYTHING I want and has a body you will never find anywhere else.

    Good luck w/ that.

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